June BDJ Box: The Ultimate Weapons Against Hair Fall


When in Manila and completely clueless regarding beauty products or merely curious about what is out there left unexplored by your beauty prowess, you should subscribe to the buzzed-about BDJ Box.

Generally speaking, the Belle de Jour team has been sending out monthly BDJ Boxes since October 14, 2012; and, as with last month’s BDJ Box, the June BDJ Box was filled with items that every beauty lover should have in their arsenal!

June BDJ Box

Aside from Kinerase skincare products, the Physiogel Intensive Cream, and makeup from Avon and Revlon; the June BDJ Box also included crowd favorites L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the newly-released L’Oreal Hair Tonic – all packed with arginine to restore the hair’s vitality.

June BDJ Box



The L’Oreal anti-hair fall products found in the June BDJ Box

How effective were these L’Oreal products from the June BDJ Box in terms of preventing hair loss, though? I decided to find out by conducting my own lil experiment at home. I hope you appreciate the effort that came with this lil June BDJ Box experiment of mine…

The June BDJ Box Experiment

In a nutshell, my June BDJ Box experiment involved using the L’Oreal products found therein for 7 days and chronicling it in a blog post. What I did was comb my hair before my first shower of the day, collect each and every strand, count each and every strand, and document the effectiveness of the June BDJ Box‘s anti-hair fall products. Like I said… effort. :p

June BDJ Box

The Days of the June BDJ Box Experiment

At the start of my June BDJ Box experiment, I counted a whopping 71 strands lost before my shower. This doesn’t even count the amount of hair that I lost during my shower. I would’ve taken a picture of those in the drain, too, but that would’ve been too gross, I think.

Day two came with 52 strands lost and day three with 32 strands lost. By day 4, I only lost 26 strands of hair and by then, I was pretty much convinced that the L’Oreal anti-hair fall products from the June BDJ Box really work. Day 5 saw only 20 strands lost and day 6 saw only 18 strands lost.

On the final day of my June BDJ Box experiment, I counted a total of only 12 strands lost!

June BDJ Box

My June BDJ Box experiment didn’t end there, though. I wanted to see whether my hair had been completely cured of hair fall and whether I could stop using the L’Oreal products from the June BDJ Box altogether after that. After using a completely different shampoo and conditioner on the 8th day, though, I lost 35 strands on day 9.

This just goes to show that, while the L’Oreal anti-hair fall products from the June BDJ Box are highly effective at what they do, you will need to keep using them on a regular basis if you want to enjoy the lack of hair loss in your life from now on.

The good news is that the L’Oreal anti-hair fall products smell good and will make your hair feel ultra silky and smooth when used daily. 🙂

As you can see, the June BDJ Box didn’t fail to disappoint, as usual. If you are interested in trying out these products and the rest of the products of the June BDJ Box yourself, then I’ve got a treat for you. We at When in Manila are giving away two June BDJ Box sets to two of our lucky readers! This is all that you have to do!

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Good luck! 🙂

June BDJ Box


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 June BDJ Box: The Ultimate Weapons Against Hair Fall

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