5 Fun Ways to Beat the Traffic Blues

5. Add accessories that arm you for the traffic jam.

car seat traffic jam

Let’s face it: you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic every day as long as you live in Manila, where public transportation leaves much to be desired. Come into battle prepared and add accessories that will ease your trip, like a good rest or pillow to support your back, and sunglasses for when you encounter the dreaded sun glare.

4. Create a traffic jam playlist that brings on the good vibes.

playlist traffic jam

Have a playlist specifically for when you’re stuck in traffic, where you can pile on upbeat songs that keep you in a good mood, from catchy dance hits to 90’s sing-along tunes. Go bust out in your own concert to kill the time!

3. Have your favorite bag of chips within reach.

potato chips traffic jam

I don’t know about you, but if I was stuck in traffic with a huge bag of potato chips, then traffic becomes less of a motorist hell, and more of a snacking session. And who doesn’t love snacks?

2. Car pool with a friend.

carpool barkada road trip sagada

Traffic, like many other things, is never fun when faced alone. With a friend, the possibilities are endless: you can work on a lipsync battle, reenact a drama scene, play some car games, or break out into a spontaneous karaoke session. The best part is, you get to split for gas and toll fees!

1. Keep a photo of your pet close by.

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Getting stuck in traffic for hours can dampen your mood and make you irritable. With a picture of your furry friend just within sight, keep in mind of what’s important: coming home to that cutie waiting for you.