10 Filipino #PlannerAddicts To Follow On Instagram

I have a confession to make: I am becoming a #planneraddict now.

While I know it’s kind of late to own a planner (since it’s already the second quarter of the year), I still find its essence, remarkable.



I find it easier to tick off important tasks if I have a guide or to-do list. Ultimately, keeping a list of things to do for moms who are on the go like me may really come in handy.


These are some of my travel essentials.

I hoard sticky notes and add them to my arsenal of crafty stuff. I got those cute sticky notes from the newly-opened WonderPhoto shop in Nuvali, Sta.Rosa Laguna. It’s a one-stop shop where you can purchase FUJIFILM merchandise and more. As we all know, FUJIFILM Corporation revived the habit of printing photographs when it launched its photography and printing store originated in Tokyo.

Genuinely, as a digital mom, a pocket Wi-Fi is essential, as well as, my Bo’s Coffee Planner, mascara, and pens!

Now, the only problem is, I am not creative and my planner looks dull. LOL. But, it’s just me, okay? I love to keep things simple. However, you gotta be inspired sometimes, right?

So, I started following these amazing #planneraddicts on Instagram!

In no particular order, here they are:

1. @planningforpleasure – Janice Lim (therollercoasterride.com)

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Janice is a certified #planneraddict. In fact, she is my inspiration ever since. Planner

She is obviously infatuated with planners, washi tapes, and other paper products! She also taught me how to become more organized.

Follow her on Instagram as @planningforpleasure or @rollercoastermom

2. @momiTHiNZ0131 – Christine Maderazo 

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I love her designs, simply because I have a penchant for collecting items that are earth-toned or color brown. Most of her planners are color brown, so I am delighted every time I visit her Instagram.

She loves to write about anything!

Planner addict on instagram

“When I was a kid I used to make diaries, make my own autograph notebook, copy my favorite songs in a notebook, etc.. I remember having my first ring binder organizer when I was in college,” shares Christine.

3. @ferrywrites – Ferry Mallorca – Ko

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Ferry is a foodie and traveler, as well. I love looking at her planners as they are so neat and simple looking.

planner addicts on instagram

4. @vhey_plans 

If there’s one word to describe her, I’d say, Minimalist. She loves washi tapes, too!

5. @thepaperjunkie – Regina Pia Relova

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