Unbelievable Range with the New Smart 4G Pocket WiFi

Smart LTE Pocket WiFi


When In Manila 4G is the new buzz word you get to hear a lot about these past few weeks in Philippine tech news. This new technology these telcos offer is no joke, capable of speeds of up to 40mbps. As great as this new tech is, a big problem still remains…  Our current generation devices aren’t capable of 4G. Smart offers a great solution to tech enthusiasts as they announced their 4G Pocket WiFi device. Now these are the 4 things that really impressed me about Smart’s new pocket WiFi.



4g is amazing but buying a new phone or tablet just to experience this speed is just way too much for my poor beat down wallet. With this device I could connect my phone, tablet and laptop or any device with WiFi built in to be able to experience 4G.


Long Lasting

The device is capable of lasting up to 8 hours on a single charge nuff said!



Password protected with visuals of how many devices are currently connected thus making sure that no unwanted cheapskate gets free WiFi.


Extraordinarily Good Range

And finally the thing that made me wow during the product demo… If you ever used pocket WiFis, you know that it gets disconnected after moving a few feet away from it. Well… this new device is different, not sure about the exact numbers but from inside Hard Rock Café to CDR King in Glorietta earns a star in my book.


So next time When In Manila check out Smart Wireless Centers for their new 4G pocket WiFi…



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