10 Filipino #PlannerAddicts To Follow On Instagram

Regina was one of the ladies who invited me to join this group on Facebook called “The Philippine Planning Society.”

planner addicts on IG

I admire her creativity. When I asked her about her passion with planners, she was happy to share that she started to get into planners back in 2012. Her Mum gave a free planner from a bank and she tried to doodle on it. And, the rest was history!

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. You’ll be surprised at how many types of planning you can actually apply to your life,” she said.

6. @craftingmeow

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7. @eraizza

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8. @lionachinky – Jeane Lim Guzman

Liona is one of the admins of the “The Philippine Planning Society.” She is also a teacher by day and crafter for life!

planner addicts on IG

She is indeed a planner expert!

9. @aina.kristina – Aina Laurel Reyes – Paco

Aina is not only a planner addict but also a calligraphy expert. She holds calligraphy workshops for whoever is interested!

planner addict on IG

10. @hazelheartscrafts

Whether you are looking for some inspiration on how to be creative with your planner or not, you may want to check these people out!

How about you, who is your planner inspiration? Let’s exchange notes by leaving a comment below!