10 Coldplay Covers You Need to Listen to Before the PH Concert

Once upon a time, liking Coldplay was not popular. Now, they’ve manage to reunite old friends in the Philippines, i.e. when your brother’s ex suddenly calls after 5 years asking for free tickets. (How’s life or kamusta muna siguro, guys… ) All the while, they stayed true to their musical roots. Here are 10 covers to reminisce their music!

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10 Coldplay Covers You Need to Listen to Before the PH Concert

10. The Scientist – Zia Quizon and Robin Nievera

Work or love: “The Scientist” is based on a scientist who was so involved with his career that he passed up a chance on love. He “wants to go back to the start.” His girlfriend had already passed away by the time he finally understood that ‘science and progress do not speak as loud as his heart.’

9. Hymn For The Weekend – James Bay

There was no way Chris Martin would sing “drinks on me” in a song. This was why they changed the lyrics to “drink from me” and that came with the idea of having an angelic person in your life. The band even asked Beyonce to sing on it!! (This wasn’t credited on the album, though.)

8. Paradise – Tyler Ward

Chris Martin is on a unicycle in an elephant costume in the video of “Paradise” because “When you’re not as attractive as Beyonce, you have to do what you can for videos.” The song is about broken dreams and longing for paradise.

7.  Fix You – Hearts and Colors

“Fix You” is that song we whisper when finals week comes: “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed…” with matching planking by the fountain at school. For Coldplay, the song is “probably the most important song we’ve ever written.” Sigh.

6. Strawberry Swing – Mikaela Kahn

“Strawberry Swing” is that ‘amazing song’ you play when everything’s all rose-tinted. Then you ask the universe, “What’s the catch? May kapalit ‘to, ‘no?” with a stupid smile. In case you didn’t know yet, the results of a study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy show that “Strawberry Swing” is actually one of the most psychologically relaxing songs ever recorded!

5. Ink – Korby Lenker

The song “Ink” is all about waterfalls and constellations – just like its official video.

4. A Sky Full of Stars – Boyce Avenue

A cover list would never be complete without a Boyce Avenue cover. This song is one of my favorites from the album “Ghost Stories.” It marks the band’s first dance track “in line with the synth-heavy soundscapes of ‘Midnight,’ but with more danceable flavor”! I never thought I’d love an EDM song by Coldplay.

3. Adventure Of A Lifetime – Isyana Sarasvati

We are legends everyday. So is this girl on the piano.

2. Magic – Gavin James

Gavin James’ version is a straightforward take – the kind you might hear at weddings. It fits nicely with the white dove imposed onto the blue background of the single artwork.

1. Yellow – Alessia Cara

Yellow refers to the mood of the band: brightness, hope and devotion. However, Alessia looks normal and easy-going in this beautiful rendition of hers.

Sooo, do you have tickets yet?


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