6 People Answer the Question, “Why is the Coldplay Concert So Important?”

There are three kinds of people in Manila right now: the kind who has never heard of Coldplay, the kind who has heard of Coldplay, and the kind who would do anything to watch their concert next year – screw the costs! :p

I have been a huge fan of Coldplay since their very first album. I was in awe of their music video for ‘The Scientist’. I swooned when they released their song named after my favorite color (‘Yellow’). I wrote CD reviews on Coldplay for various magazines. I cried and sang ‘Fix You’ to my baby daughter like a lullaby.

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And yet here I am, not really going crazy with hopes of watching their upcoming concert. (This may have to do with the fact that they already had a concert when I lived in Thailand.) I mean, sure, I’d watch their concert if given the chance, but I didn’t text at 9am to reserve a slot through Globe nor did I line up at the ticket counters to grab a ticket, either.

So, in order to understand the mindset of the people in the current Coldplay concert craze, I asked around to find out why this Coldplay concert is actually so important and, well, I found myself being reminded of why I loved Coldplay so deeply in the first place.

6 People Answer the Question, “Why is the Coldplay Concert So Important?”

“They’re my childhood heroes.”

“I want to watch Coldplay because of the experience. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of shows and concerts, but Coldplay does it so differently. They’ve been my childhood heroes ever since, as well.” – Gabe Piolo

“I think it would be magical.”

“I just want to hear them play live. I think that would be magical – to hear them live.” – Kaity Bato

“They sound better live.”


“Ever since I’ve watched their live DVDs, I knew that I wanted to watch a Coldplay concert someday. They bring one of the best live concert experiences of today – not only amazing visuals and spectacle, but also sounding REALLY GOOD live (their entire Live 2012 album is definitely a highlight). Their live performances are a lot better than their studio versions, and their live concerts made me appreciate their music a lot more. I also love how they try to interact with their fans, from turning “The Scientist” into a singalong, to this new thing in their tour where fans can request a song on Instagram for them to perform in their concerts.

I don’t know when they’re coming back, so I’m going to their concert because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’m willing to brave the April heat to experience some Coldplay mania.” – Joel Anthony Lim

For reference, he even shared this YouTube video with us:

” ‘Fix You’ reminds me of the final years I had with my dad.”

“The song ‘Fix You’ reminds me of the final years I had with my dad. We brought him home after the doctor said he only had 3 months at most to live. So I told my mom that my dad, who was then in a coma, would prefer to be with us at home when his time is up. He stayed for 2 more years. I would have wanted to “fix” him if I could, but 2 years was all I had to try. He passed away a week after Father’s Day after I whispered to him that we’ll be okay.” – Carmen Dulguime

Carmen also shares that she told her friends she would probably ugly-cry if Coldplay sings ‘Fix You’ at their upcoming concert. As friends go, she’s got some good ones since they promised they would cry with her.????

“Coldplay’s songs are meaningful and heartfelt.”

“Coldplay has given songs that are meaningful, heartfelt and best of all, Chris Martin enlivens his faith on and through the songs. It is the kind of music wherein it hits the spot, pleasantly arranged and most importantly, nostalgia for childhood.” – Kassy Pajarillo

“Their concert is not just a concert.”

“I’ve been a fan since high school and I’ve always told myself that I WILL/MUST see them once they come to the country. Their concert is not just a concert per se kasi. There’s spectacle and heart (this part sounds cheesy, but it’s true). – Dale Palisoc

What about you? Are you a Coldplay fan? Did you scramble around with hopes of getting a ticket? Tell us why! 🙂 We’d love to hear about your passion for the band!