LOOK: The Coldplay Concert is Reviving Old Friendships – LOL!

Ever since the Coldplay concert was announced last week, the online community in the Philippines has hardly spoken of anything else (political problems of the country aside, anyway). In fact, I have personally gotten more messages than usual from people I hadn’t spoken to in YEARS just because they thought I’d be giving away Coldplay tickets for free. (Why would I do that, though?)

It seems I’m not the only one who is suddenly hearing from long-lost “friends”, either. In a Facebook status post update, Jhocel Angeles Beckham shares these screenshots of a conversation with an old friend, as well. Her caption reads, “Tagal na nating di nag uusap. Chat ako ng chat sayo dati, kinakamusta kita. Sine’seen mo lang ako. Tapos bigla kang mapapa’chat dahil sa Coldplay. Tama nga sila. Tama na iniwasan kita. Iwasan niyo po yung mga gantong klaseng kaibigan. Hindi po healthy.

Check out the conversation here:



You may also see the original post here.

Have you experienced anything similar lately? Share your stories with us! :p

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