You Know Manila’s in Trouble When…



From corrupt politicians to insane traffic, Manila’s got it bad. You know Manila’s in real trouble, though, when people start writing listicles about how bad things are getting. Here’s one particular photo that has been circulating the net recently and we can’t help but agree as we shake our heads in sadness:

manila in trouble


I know I am in deep shit when:

(a) My country holds the distinction of having the worst traffic situation in the world according to WAZE.

(b) I feel paranoia each time I see two people riding a motorbike approaching me.

(c ) I cannot finish a single call with my cell phone without being cut off.

(d)  I am told I am living in a country with the most expensive power rates.

(e) I realize that internet service is bad not just for one provider but for all available.

(f)  I am paying my taxes but not assured of health care.

(g) I see most of my students share one common dream: to get the f–k out of this place.

(h) I realize that politicos are more concerned about getting elected in 2016 rather than dealing with the quicksand problems of 2015.


This is proof that truth really hurts. 🙁 Got anything to add to the list? Props if you can trump this list with a positive one that will make us all smile and feel better! 🙂