10 Traffic Hugot Videos You Can Definitely Relate To

punyetang trapik

Metro Manila was dubbed as having the “Worst Traffic on Earth” based on a global survey conducted by Waze, a widely popular GPS mobile application used worldwide.  Not only does it affect Pinoys economically, but emotionally, as well. Don’t deny it: it drives us to the brink of mental breakdowns.

Comedy Manila and BNO’s (Boys Night Out) Alex Calleja finds humor even in the most frustrating situations and decided to express his hugot thoughts while in traffic. Watch his videos and laugh your heart out.

Note: Best watched when stuck in traffic.

#10 May-Ari [Owner]

punyetang traffic ‘to PART 3: title: may-ari

A video posted by Alex Calleja (@alexcalleja1007) on

Kaya traffic ngayon sa EDSA, kasi feeling ng mga bus sila may ari ng EDSA. Parang puso mo, akala ko ako lang may ari. Ang dami pala namin.  

[There’s traffic in EDSA because bus drivers feel like they own the road. Kind of like your heart. I thought I was the only one who owns it; turns out there are a lot of us.]

#9 Nakikialam [Meddler]

punyetang traffic ‘to PART 6: title: nakikialam A video posted by Alex Calleja (@alexcalleja1007) on

Traffic nanaman sa EDSA kasi may aksidente. Ang problema ang daming nangengealam kaya lalong gumugulo. Parang pag-ibig, pag madaming nangengealam. Mas lalong gumugulo.

[There’s traffic in EDSA again because of an accident. The problem is that people always meddle, so things get worse. Kind of like love. If people meddle in your relationship, things get messier.]

#8 Wala [Nothing]

punyetang traffic ‘to PART 4: title: wala

A video posted by Alex Calleja (@alexcalleja1007) on

Dumaan ako sa EDSA kasi kala ko wala ng trapik. Yun pala meron pa. parang feelings ko sa iyo, kala ko wala na. Yun pala meron pa.  

[I passed by EDSA because I thought the traffic was gone, but it’s still there. Kind of like my feelings for you. I thought they were gone, but they’re still there.]

#7 Dalawahan [2-WAY]

punyetang traffic ‘to PART 5: title: dalawahan A video posted by Alex Calleja (@alexcalleja1007) on

Trapik nanaman sa EDSA. Paano yung lane na para sa isa, ginagawang dalawahan. Parang puso mo, dapat isa lang. Hindi pwedeng dalawahan.

[There’s traffic on EDSA again because the lane that should be occupied by a single car is being occupied by two. Kind of like your heart. There should only be one in it, not two.]

#6 Kaliwa [Left]

punyetang traffic ‘to PART 7 title: kaliwa

A video posted by Alex Calleja (@alexcalleja1007) on

Trapik na nga sa EDSA nahuli pa ko ng pulis. Galit nag galit sakin kasi bigla daw akong kumaliwa. Sa pag-ibig nga din magagalit ka pag may biglang kumaliwa.

[As if the EDSA traffic wasn’t bad enough, I got caught by the police. He got mad because I suddenly turned left…? Okay, this translation doesn’t work in English. Sorry.]

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