Yanna’s Sweet Creations Will Definitely Brighten Up Your Day

When you’re stressing at work, nursing a broken heart or facing any problem , really, it can be difficult to even show a slight smile. Well, sometimes, the best remedy for these woes is to eat sweets that will instantly make you feel good (and happy)!

When in Manila, you don’t really have to go to a nearby store or cafe to buy sweets for instant good vibes anymore. Just browse online, choose the perfect sweet treat and wait for the delivery to arrive at your doorstep. If you’re searching for different homemade sweets, order some brookies and banana overloads from Yanna’s Sweet Creations.

Yanna's Sweet Creations

Irma De Guzman, owner of Yanna’s Sweet Creations, personally bakes these sweet treats. It was her daughter Yanna’s 1st birthday when she decided to personalize the birthday cake and bake it herself. She baked a rainbow-themed birthday cake along with cheesecake cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, and brookies for the dessert table. This ended up becoming the perfect opportunity for her to start her own pastry business.

Irma started to learn how to bake different types of pastries until she came up with an entire menu. The brookies, banana overloads, and Choco Caramel Cakes are the bestsellers of Yanna’s Sweet Creations. From her officemates being her first set of customers, Yanna’s Sweet Creations has now reached the provinces of Lanao del Norte, Surigao and even the Mountain Province. Shipping is available nationwide and it only takes a day for the tasteful treats to arrive.

Yanna's Sweet Creations

The brookies and banana overloads were separately and securely wrapped to preserve their freshness.


I opened the box of brookies first when the package arrived. For those who haven’t heard of brookies, a brookie is a combination of a brownie and a cookie – two tasteful treats merged to double the delight and sweetness and to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Box of Brookies

 A box of deliciously baked brookies which only costs Php160 per box.


After first bite, you’ll definitely want more of that brookie. Aside from the usual brownie and cookie combination, I was surprised that Yanna’s Sweet Creations’ brookies have added flavor to taste – yummy red velvet! I did not know that a red velvet cookie in a brookie could taste this good.

The perfect trio combination of the classic chocolate brownie, Oreo cookie and red velvet cookie will not only gratify your sweet cravings, but will instantly send any negativities away.


Banana Overload

Banana bread is one of my favorite snacks because it’s made of one of my favorite fruits. I was really curious why this banana cake was named Banana Overload and why it was a bit heavy.

When I removed its plastic covering, I noticed that it was loaded with lots of nuts and chocolate chips!

Banana Overload

The Heavenly Banana Overload loaf which weighs almost a kilo but only costs Php200.

I had a slice of the Banana Overload and was surprised that I was able to taste the chocolate chips and nuts with every bite! Although there were chocolate chips, it wasn’t too sweet and I was still able to distinguish the flavorful taste of the banana. The cake-like bread was perfectly baked, too, resulting in a soft and moist texture.

It is indeed a bit heavy to consume, though. After eating two slices of the Banana Overload, I was already full.

Banana Overload Slice

You really won’t be able to consume both treats all by yourself in a day (unless you’re really hungry). Worry not, though, because both the brookies and the Banana Overload gets even more delicious after refrigeration. These baked goodies are indeed delectable to put anyone in a good mood. It definitely aligns with Irma’s aim to satisfy her customers’ cravings for yummy desserts. Spread the positivity and good vibes by giving your friends these mouthwatering treats!

Yanna’s Sweet Creations

E-mail: yannas.sweetcreations@gmail.com

Contact numbers: 0917.537.5461/0998.545.1901

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