World Street Food Congress 2017: The Ultimate Food Trip from Around the World

Photos by: Rhobynne Villaluna

Your Instagram feed may have been flooded with tons of snapshots featuring mouth-watering street food from all over the world recently with the hashtag #WSFC17. That, my friend, is the World Street Food Congress 2017! Bourdain, Seetoh, Drescher, and with a number of celebrity chefs from around the world flew to the Philippines to give us the ultimate food trip!

World Street Food Congress 2017

The WSFC Jamboree gave us the chance to taste a variety of authentic street food from around the globe! This year, they featured delicious ribs from Bali, sausages from Germany, fish tacos from Mexico, and so much more! They had a lot of our local favorites, too, such as sisig pizza, kaldereta ramen, and Ilocos empanada.

World Street Food Congress 2017

Our favorite from the Jamboree was this refreshing take on the Indonesian classic, Martabak Manis, which had matcha, red velvet, peanut butter, and Nutella flavors in it:

World Street Food Congress 2017

Did you know that the Jamboree was not the only place you could score mind-blowing food at the WSFC? It’s true! Every year, they host a themed dialogue to bring together world-renowned chefs, local business/restaurant owners, travelers, and foodies to talk about the future of street food followed by a cooking demo! BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LIKE TALKING ABOUT FOOD WHILE EATING FOOD, RIGHT?!

World Street Food Congress-Rhobz-7367

The dialogue ran for 2 days and featured talks from international chefs. This year’s theme was an invite to “Re-imangine Possibilities” to classic cuisines just like what our local chefs did when they made kaldereta ramen and sisig pizza! Check out what the world-renowned chefs re-imagined using Electrolux equipment:

World Street Food Congress-Rhobz-7279

This Filipino version of Yum Yai features watermelon, duhat, langka, lechon manok, santol, mango, and durian made by Chef Andy Yang of the Michelin star restaurant Rhong Tiam in NYC.

World Street Food Congress-Rhobz-7416

This Peranakan dish, Itek Tim, tastes very similar to Pork Sinigang, except it is made with duck and a different variety of greens by Chef Malcolm Lee from the Michelin-star restaurant Candlenut in Singapore.

World Street Food Congress-Rhobz-7406

Tasty Peranakan soup made in a few minutes using Electrolux’s professional-grade kitchenware and appliances.

We were also able to taste Vietnamese dishes like Banh Xeo and Xiamen-style spring rolls! The food samples just kept coming and coming! We were almost too stuffed to make it to the Jamboree opening! It is amazing what these chefs have accomplished by taking what they love about their traditional cuisines and creating a new way of serving them to a modern market.

As you might have heard, Anthony Bourdain was there to wrap-up the 2-day event and he challenged us to re-imagine the possibilities! Because who knows? Maybe the next hyped dish will be fresh from our own kitchens! (Check out Bourdain tweeting in Filipino here!)

World Street Food Congress-Rhobz-7600

Spark up the Chef within you and start experimenting with Lola’s old recipes! Electrolux’s appliances are readily available in malls and department stores, which makes it easier for us to gear up and join in on Bourdain’s challenge to be innovative with our traditional dishes!

What food do you want to see featured at the World Street Food Congress Jamboree next year? Let us know in the comments section below!


World Street Food Congress


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