LOOK: Anthony Bourdain Tweets in Filipino!

LOOK Anthony Bourdain Tweets in Filipino

Last December, noted chef, author, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain graced the Philippines for a mystery visit. No one knew what he was here for. Was he here to shoot an episode of his show Parts Unknown? Was here to visit friends like what Owen Wilson did last month? Or was he here to eat at Jollibee after raving about it a few years ago?

It turned out he was here to shoot for Parts Unknown. Besides trying out classic dishes like sisig, adobo, and of course, more Jollibee, the episode will focus on the people and why Filipinos care so much.

Part of his visit was a trip to Jollibee, where he said: “I sneer at fast food at every opportunity, but I’m also a hypocrite.”

He called Jollibee’s Jolly Spaghetti “deranged” and “strangely alluring.”

The episode will premiere tonight, and to promote it, Bourdain has a tweet for his Filipino fans… in Filipino:

Are you watching Parts Unknown tonight? What are you excited to see in the episode?