WORLD RECORD: Philippines Breaks Record for World’s Largest Shower

WORLD RECORD Philippines Breaks Record for World's Largest Shower

In a country as hot as the Philippines, showers are our best way of cooling down. But who knew we could break a world record while doing so? The town of Los Banos (which means ‘the baths’ in Spanish) recently broke two worlds: the most number of people simultaneously taking a shower and the largest shower area.

The shower fest, titled the World Record Shower Fest, drew in 373 bathers, which beat the 331 people who participated in Crawfordsville, Indiana last June. The shower area was 394 square meters, beating the 372 square meter space used in Gurnee, Illinois in 2009. Representatives of the Guinness World Records were present to officiate the event.

The event was sponsored by the municipal government as part of the town’s 400th anniversary.

Watch the video below:

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