Woodchuck Manila: Down-to-Earth Accessories for You and Your Gadgets

I hooked up with Bgirl Bea Lesaca after a shoot down South. We sat in a corner of a coffee shop, talking about anything from the spiritual to the supernatural, while waiting for Tolo Maravillas.

She gushed upon seeing the items from Woodchuck Manila that I handed over for her to try. “Oh, this is so cool! And this is a Pinoy brand?”

woodchuck head to toe

Wear wood from head to toe, courtesy of Woodchuck Manila. Cool is an understatement.

A Pinoy concept manufactured in different parts of Asia, actually, I told her. Using natural sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, zebrawood, skateboard, ebony, and walnut wood, Woodchuck Manila produces creative accessories from wristwatches, sunglasses, caps, and wallets to gadget aides like portable wireless speakers, mobile phone cases, and power banks. There are also his and hers flip flops with cork material on the top sole.

woodchuck flipflops

woodchuck wallet

Wallet made from cork? Why not!

My personal favorite is the wristwatch. The face and bracelet are classic, except that they’re made of wood, and that makes the product innovative and modern. Apparently, each piece is brushed with black oil as a natural finish, which explains the coated feel.

woodchuck red sandalwood watch

This red sandalwood wristwatch made her blush.

woodchuck bamboo watch

Who would have thought people could wear natural bamboo on their wrists to tell time, and, well, look good? Woodchuck did!

Equally impressive is this pair of sunglasses that looked absolutely gorgeous on Tolo. Made of black walnut with classic grey lens, this “woodfarer” is perfect for the beach or for a casual stroll in the city. Match it with the feather-like cork flip flops that gently cradles the feet with every step.

Woodchuck shades

A classic grey lens works well in a black walnut frame.

Tolo in Woodchuck shades

Tolo rocks it with black walnut sunglasses by Woodchuck.

Speaking of the beach, the Woodchuck Bamboo Box (a wireless portable speaker) would come in handy for people who love taking their sounds with them everywhere they go without necessarily having accessories stuck in their ears. Made of natural bamboo, this awesome speaker uses the process of induction to transfer the sound from the source (say, your mobile music player) through to the sound cylinder placed on both sides of the gadget. It charges in full for two hours, and works up to six hours. If you’re using a mobile phone, I advise you to turn off your data connection first to get rid of the annoying feedback. I didn’t open the palm-sized box, but I assume that it’s full of wires inside and the bamboo casing works as the cover. Needless to say, it’s much lighter than your average music player.

woodchuck bamboo box

This bamboo box wireless speaker doesn’t need wifi, bluetooth, or cables to give you quality sound like other portable speakers do.

Woodchuck Manila’s cool accessories and devices are definitely something to consider, not just for the attractive designs and functionalities, but also because of their sustainable material quality.

Woodchuck is having a 20% off pre-holiday sale until December 6, 2015 for Lazada and Woodchuck hotline purchases, by the way.

Woodchuck Manila

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