10 Things A Man Can Wear to Stand Out From the Boys and Where Where You Can Buy Them in Manila

What makes a man?
There are endless debates on what a real man should do, say, think or be. Is it an attitude, a lifestyle, a choice? The debate may never end, but you know a man when you see one: he’s that suave gentleman who dresses well, is polite, and knows how to charm everyone.
Well, we may never properly know exactly what it takes to be a REAL MAN inside. One thing’s for sure, he is stylish. And we have some secrets on how you can dress and look like a respectable, sophisticated, suave man. 
On the surface, one of the things that distinguish men from boys is the way they dress. For some reason, men look more put-together, more dynamic. But what exactly do men wear that boys don’t? We break down for you the 10 things a man can wear to stand out from the boys

10 Things A Man Can Wear to Stand Out From the Boys

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 10. Suave sunglasses

Have you seen those movies where the leading man enters a room with sunglasses, and he whips them off and all the ladies swoon? That effect is real, guys. A pair of sunglasses that scream swagger can add style points. According to a research by a lecturer in Nottingham Trent University in the UK, men look better in sunglasses because it gives symmetry to their face (beauty is linked with facial symmetry), adds a dash of mystery, and makes them look like a bona fide star. The last one is true, because of the way movie stars use sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi.
In Manila, a suave pair of glasses we recommend is Cazal: a German brand of sunglasses favored by international celebrities that can instantly make you look like a Hollywood star. Watch out for the girls though…. 
9. A sleek watch
In this day and age where we rely on our cellphones to do everything – including tell the time – owning a wristwatch can seem frivolous. But owning one means you care about style and the way you look. Men have less choices when it comes to accessories (no dangling earrings and loud bangles), so a watch is one of the few ways they can express their style. Luckily, choices in this department are varied: you can go with steel, rubber, or leather. Whichever way you swing, you know you’re swinging in the right direction.
Here in Manila, we recommend Ingersoll’s watches, which combine European design and Asian efficiency, as well as Max XL watches:  premium timepieces designed and crafted in Netherlands.  
 Savoy and Signet
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8. Quality clothes 

Everyone wears clothes. So how do you separate yourself from everyone else? Quality clothes. Everyone is obsessed with fast fashion that crumbles just as fast, so how do you define yourself? Invest in clothes that are not only well-designed but well-built. You don’t have to steep yourself in the technical aspect of fashion design, but there are guys around who can teach you the basics of heritage and excellent craftsmanship. It will cost you, but the reward is clothing that will last you a lifetime.
The Signet store in Makati has men’s fashion enthusiasts who scour the world for the best clothes from France, the UK, Japan, and the rest of the world! This is a store guaranteed to elevate your style.
Savoy and Signet
Savoy and Signet

7. Great shoes

You all know the saying: “A man with big shoes….. also has big….. socks.” Shoes make the man, and there’s science to back this statement up. Researchers at the University of Kansas in the US found out that people accurately gauged a stranger’s personality, social status, and even their salary, just by looking at a person’s shoes. It may sound judgmental, but we’re sure you know how a bad (or ratty) pair of shoes can ruin a good outfit. Shoes worn down by age add character, but holes and rips do not. Invest in a few pairs that you can rotate and always care for them.

Along with great clothes, Signet also carries well-crafted shoes that can give you a lifetime of coolness.



Happy Socks Philippines
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6. Stand-Out socks
Speaking of big shoes…. you’ll also need big socks!  Another way to accessorize is through socks. Boys think that socks should only be black, white, and gray, but men are daring enough to go print. Some may say that printed socks are not worth it because they won’t be seen anyway, but the surprise people get when you cross your legs and a pop of color shows through your pants is totally worth it. A fun pair of socks that add personality to any outfit! 
Here in Manila, we recommend you check out Happy Socks and Proppy Socks.

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