10 Things A Man Can Wear to Stand Out From the Boys and Where Where You Can Buy Them in Manila

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10 Things A Man Can Wear to Stand Out From the Boys 9

 5. The right hair cut

They say that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but why shouldn’t that apply to men? A good haircut can accentuate your best features and hide your flaws. While it’s nice to have a spiky hairstyle, it’s better to have a style that you can simply wash and brush back for that sophisticated look. Some people also say that the higher the hair, the closer to God, but you don’t want to look like a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. It’s cute when you were in college. It’s time to move on.
An affordable yet suave place to get your hair done that we recommend is Vivere Salon. They have really good stylists that can make you look like a celebrity! You’re welcome.
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4. A tailor fit bespoke suit
A well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men. A suit is the classiest thing you can wear. Today, as a MAN, you can’t settle for those off the rack quick fixes that would make Barney Stinson cringe!On the other hand, a bespoke suit is the level up of a custom made suit, it is the highest quality suit where the master tailor has a hand in each of the processes for making your man-sexy-making-outfit. This also means multiple fittings, a wider selection of fabrics and mills, and endless options for style and cut. A bespoke suit means it was made only for you.
Luckily, we have Tino Suits in the Philippines, who has created suits for celebrities, politicians and the VVVIP of the land! Moreover, their master tailor has been making suits for over 30 years now, and even went to a suit making school in Italy that made suits for James Bond movies!
3. Sophisticated underwear
One of the things that clearly separates boys from men is underwear. The fact that you care about something only you can see (and your partner if you’re lucky, your mom if you’re not) signifies sophistication. You’re a man if you avoid bacon garters and underwear with holes. A real man cares about the fabric, the fit, and yes, even the design. Moreover, this is your last line of defense before you “get lucky!” So why not put on something that’ll impress your date, rather than scare her away. 
Pull-In, a French underwear brand available in the Philippines, is snug, comfortable, and gently protects your family jewels. If you want just one reason why you should wear good underwear, imagine how your girl would feel if you strip down to your underwear and she sees your tightey-whiteys and your bacon waistband. 
2. A great smile
Given a man’s limited supply of accessories, he makes use of what he has. And the best one? His smile. Besides the rush of dopamine (the body’s feel-good chemical), smiling puts you and the people around you at ease, spreads happiness, improves your mood, and reduces stress. And yes, it makes you more attractive. How? A study by the Penn State University found that smiling makes you more approachable. As they say, everything starts with a smile. 


10 Things A Man Can Wear to Stand Out From the Boys 8
1. Confidence
What is the best thing that can separate you from the boys? What is that one thing that will tie everything together to make you look like a complete man? Confidence.
Confidence is knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and acting in a way that will highlight the former and downplay the latter. Confidence is number one because it helps you in your romantic life, your career, and success in general. And these things have been proven by studies by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the University of Melbourne in Australia, and the University of Texas and the University of California-San Diego in the US. Some people think being a man means being goodlooking, rich, and built like a model. But truthfully, it’s about knowing who you are – and loving yourself for it. Loving yourself means you’re free of emotional baggage. Numbers 10 to 2 will make you look like a man, confidence will make you a man.


What do you think? What else separates men from boys? Share your thoughts in the comments below!