Why Should Men Care About Underwear?

Why Should Men Care About Underwear 6


Victoria’s Secret has made a name for itself for its women’s lingerie, but it’s curious how there’s no brand that primarily sells men’s underwear. It’s weird, considering underwear is one of the most important things in a man’s closet (we’ll get to that later), protecting the most important part of the man’s body.

I’ve always valued quality underwear and have invested in a few good brands, but things changed when I tried Pull-In. A French brand created by Emmanuel Lohéac in 2000, its philosophy is to revolutionize the lingerie market through its originality, comfort, and quality. All their products are designed in France and produced in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. They maintain their quality by using efficient materials and the latest techniques, and the result is underwear that is both functional and fashionable.


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Some of Pull-In’s trunks in simple colors


But why should men care about their underwear? Why can’t men just wear standard underwear available in department stores? Because everyone deserves a little bit of luxury. And after trying Pull-Ins a few times, I realized there is a world of difference between the two.

Of course, the most important thing is quality. And it’s the first thing you notice when you wear it. The fit is snug and comfortable, and allows your skin to breathe. This is because Pull-In uses 100% certified organic cotton yarn. It contains 95% organic fibers and 5% synthetic fibers, or elastesene, which gives maximum comfort all day long. In fact, it’s so comfortable that it almost feels like second skin, and will make you feel like you’re going commando.

I wore the Pull-Ins on different days while doing different tasks. Whether it was at work, at the bank, or doing cardio, The fabric was very soft, but it still did its primary duty: to protect the family jewels. And if you’re worried about those angry marks bands leave on your waist, Pull-In uses a highly-resistant two-tone Jacquard band. It’s firm but gentle, and when I tried it, it didn’t leave any marks on my waist.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear


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Pull-In trunks in opaline


Besides being comfortable, What I like about Pull-In is its design. The brand comes in a variety of designs, and even their printing process is high-tech. The brand uses a high-definition printing technique that starts with printing the pattern on transfer paper, then heated at a very high temperature and pressed onto the fabric so it penetrates directly into it. This process prints designs perfectly and holds well. It’s also non-toxic and pollutant-free. Pull-In’s designs range from the quiet to the crazy, but I’m happy with mine: a classic mint green.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear

Even fashion blogger David Guison is a fan. According to him, “Mornings in my comfy loungewear and underwear from @pullinmanila. This established brand from France finally made its way to Manila!”


Pull-In’s cool designs is one of the reasons why men should invest in good underwear. Sure it’s an article of clothing that is only seen by you (and maybe your mom). But don’t you want to look your best when you’re with your special someone? Nothing kills your game faster than having a Lookbook-worthy #OOTD and then having her see an old pair of underwear with a bacon waistband. I’d rather be seen in a cool pair that highlights my assets and makes me look good. I like underwear with one color, but if you’re the kind of guy who likes crazy prints, Pull-In has got your back (and your bum).

For the 2014 Fall/Winter Collection, Pull-In launched the Art Series, a collaboration with four artists to design underwear. For this collection, the brand has tapped Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Niark1, and Arnaud Pagès to add their personal touch.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear Jeremyville Pull In


Jeremyville is a New York-based based artist, designer, author, and co-founder of Studio Jeremyville. The artist is included in the New York Times’ 100 best illustrators in the world.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear Burgerman Pull In


Jon Burgerman is a New York-based artist whose works have been exhibited with Banksy, Gerald Scarfe, Vivienne Westwood, and Damien Hirst.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear niark1 Pull In


Niark1, or Sebastien Feraut, is known for his commissions for communication agencies, streetwear clothing, music labels, and toy productions.


Why Should Men Care About Underwear Arnaud Pages Pull In


Lastly, Arnaud Pagès is known as the heir of the Pop Art and free representation movements.

For those who like classic prints, Pull-In also has subtle designs to suit every taste.

I invest in good underwear because I like to look and feel good. A good pair of underwear is a great boost of confidence (more so if someone else sees it). And come on, guys. It’s called family jewels. Protect it.


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