Sophistication is now within reach with Ingersoll watches


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When in Manila, you’re bound to be familiar with the concept of Filipino time, a distorted yet acceptable approach to time that is at least one hour late. It’s frustrating but one gets used to it. Opinions are divided on the concept of punctuality but either camp must agree: the new collection of Ingersoll watches are so damn good that no one would ever be late. Why? Because they’ll spend most of their time wearing it and admiring it.




The launch and media preview of Ingersoll’s latest collection was held on November 12 at Premio Bar and Restaurant at the F1 Hotel, BGC. Members of the press, such as myself, were invited to admire and ogle the new watches, a collection that screams quiet elegance.



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Ingersoll watches have been here for over a year, and it is its old-world sophistication that has Filipinos clamoring to get their own. The designs are European, but it has the efficiency of Asian techniques, resulting in a refined timepiece that will win the hearts of consumers. And the best thing is, the watches are affordable, allowing everyone from every economic background to experience a touch of class.




Ingersoll began in 1880 when brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll created Ingersoll to address a need for quality watches at reasonable prices. This resulted in the “Dollar-Watch,” which, quite literally, cost only one dollar. The watch became highly coveted that Mark Twain and Thomas Edison were some of its earliest fans. Former US president Theodore Roosevelt was known in Africa as “the man from the country where Ingersolls are produced.”




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 Mr. Peter Thong of Zeon Far East Limited




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Mr. Peter Thong and Kr. Kenny Chong, manager and sales manager of Zeon Far East Limited,principals of Ingersoll watches




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Raffle winners Peejay Trinidad and Sheryll Songsong, who both won Ingersoll watches





All of this was discussed at the media preview by Peter Thong and Kenny Chong, the principals of the brand. They took the time to visit the Philippines to present the watches and entertain questions. They even made rounds during dinner, initiating conversation. It must be this friendly and accommodating approach that makes the brand relevant and global. Currently, Ingersoll is available in 40 countries.





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Ingersoll boasts of three collections that promise a great design and even greater quality. All pieces show bold German designs but have movements from China, an advantage because it offers more designs and variety at affordable prices.




The three collections are the Classic, Bison, and Active. The Classic and Bison both have top class automatic and mechanical movements with multi-functions and a power reserve of a minimum 36 hours. They come in high-quality genuine leather straps, and have high-grade mineral glass lens and caseback. As for the Active collection, its edge is in its functionality, allowing active users to look stylish in the game. It either comes in authentic leather straps or stainless steel buckles, giving athletes more options for dressing up.




Ingersoll’s strength lies in its gorgeous designs and efficiency by combining the best of Europe and Asia. So when in Manila, never be late with the stylish Ingersoll watch!




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