#WIMAsks: Restaurants That Look “Mahal Pero Abot Kaya Pala” (Part 1)

For a big family or has an average income like us, dining at a restaurant costs a grip. Although, we save for special occasions, it’s sometimes nice to just blow it up and not care what happens tomorrow! Joke lang! But, yeah, it’s nice to dine in even on regular days.


Parang ganito lang, hahaha!

But, what is mahal (expensive) and what is abot kaya (affordable)?

We’ve never dined at a restaurant that will leave us broke. Mahal for us is a total bill of, for example, P3-4k for six people and ordered a simple Asian cuisine or American meal.


Source: Reddit.com

But I’d pay for fries, though!

On the other hand, an abot kaya for me is, of course, everyone’s go-to place like Jollibee, KFC, Mickey Dz, S&R, Taco Bell, and alike. But, because we are six in the family, most of the time, our total bill would go up to 800-1500 pesos. However, we get deceived if the restaurant is located at prime locations like BGC, Greenhills, Makati, BF Homes, or Hotels!

We seldom eat at buffets or restaurants inside hotels, because super expensive. Unless, we get invited or someone treats, gora lang!

Hatsune bellevue

Choosy pa ba ako?

Last weekend, we were invited to attend a baking class courtesy of The Maya Kitchen for Bellevue Kids Club members.


Kids made Gingerbread and Vanilla Cupcakes! Thank you, Bellevue Manila for inviting us!

Ideally, we would just eat at Jollibee or somewhere cheaper. But, we want the kids to appreciate and discover authentic food, so we settled at Hatsune with just P1500 budget in mind. So we ordered: Katsudon (P290), Tori Kuwayaki or Chicken Nuggets Teriyaki – super sarap, by the way, (P400), Katsu Curry Rice (P390), Spicy Tuna Roll (8 pcs is P290), and 2 Gohan Rice (P200) = P1, 570 (less 20% discount if you charge it to your room).

Hatsune spicy roll

Surprisingly, their spicy tuna roll is deliciously filling! 

I asked my foodie friends on Facebook if they’ve dined at a restaurant they thought expensive, yet affordable naman pala! So, here are their answers.

Let’s discover these places together, shall we? (In no particular order)

1. Silantro

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina is not only about quesadillas. There is more than meets the eye for this Mexican food spot. The  Silantro’s Burrito is another recommendation and you should not miss it when you pay them a visit. The burrito has a paella-like rice and tender bits of beef enveloped inside a soft sheet of pita.

Silantro's Burrito (PhP 160)

According to Lally Gonzales, a parent blogger, “4 kami kumain. P900 lang bill.” In addition, another friend of mine (Donna) also suggested that Silantro is a budget-friendly restaurant.

2. Ramen Kuroda, BF Homes, Paranaque

Ramen Kuroda is along 96 Aguirre Avenue, Phase 2 BF Homes Parañaque City Philippines.

Mura dun super. We usually order set meals and around 350-390 lang ang price. Mga 10 Kami palage. Around 3k. Swak Ang 1400 Na budget mo for 3-4 pax. – Marie Rivera, mom of 2


Ramen Kuroda

Photo grabbed from their website

Every time I pass by the restaurant, it’s either packed or I don’t have a budget. But, now that my friend Marie confirms it’s affordable there, I’ll swing by there with my family soon.

3. Banapple

Banapple is known for its pies and cheesecakes. They also serve great food and coffee! Banapple has 15 branches and they look posh. I’ve only tried them once (in BF) but it was just me. Basing on the taste and the serving size, it’s worth it!

Source: www.chengustationery.com

Source: www.chengustationery.com

“Sa Bannaple po 250-300/pax. Usually, 4 pax kami parati”. – Vince Chen, photographer

4. Snackaroo Steaks

Steaks are usually expensive because of the quality of the meat and how tedious it is to get a perfectly well-done steak. But, this steak house is different. Snackaroo is located at 34-A Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City. It is known for affordable, yet hefty steaks in Diliman, Q.C.

“Sa Snackaroo naman po mga 200/pax 1f642🙂 usually po 4 kaming kumakain 1f603” – Vince Chen, photographer


Courtesy of @theurbanwanderer


5. Pinac Up Town Center

According to Cherry Luis, a food and parent blogger, they buffet at Pinac Up Town Center is affordable. The buffet rate is P200/pax and she pays for 4 heads. Check their menu here (Facebook.com/pinaccuisine).

6. Sotoya Buffet in Antipolo

The baker/owner behind the Mr&MrsCupcakes in a Jar also shared their budget-friendly finds in Antipolo. Dianne happily shared that at Sotoya they ordered: “Soup, pasta, carbonara, sweet and sour fish fillet, Caldereta, chicken, hamonado, desserts, sisig, and rice. Pag you want unli drinks na iced tea, lemonade, four seasons, or orange juice. just add P49 each.  For a total bill of P596. Not bad, huh!

7. Wings On The Go



As per our writer, Celine Reyes, Wings on the go is a budget-friendly restaurant too. It’s known for homemade buffalo wings, grilled burgers and more, that will surely satisfy your palette.

8. Yabu: House of Katsu

We’ve always wanted to dine here, but we thought this place was expensive. However,  for special occasions, why not?!

Yabu when in manila mae ilagan (23 of 53)

Read our full review here.

9. Nanbantei of Tokyo in ATC

Honestly, I thought Nanbantei is an expensive resto too. But after hearing Cathy Paglinawan explained what she ordered, Nanbantei is definitely in my “Abot-kaya list.”

nanbantei-of-tokyo-fort-bonifacio-when-in-manila (4)

According to her:

We were 3 adults and 2 kids Spent around P1,245 (+10% service charge) Poteto Maki (potato wrapped with bacon) – 2 sticks – P100 MOMO (grilled chicken thigh) 2 sticks – P100 Pork Yakiniku (thinly sliced pork belly) 2 sticks – P115 Namjake Sumi Yaki (grilled salmon wrapped with bacon) 2 sticks –P300 Leba Maki (chicken liver wrapped with bacon) 2 sticks – P150 Tori Kawa karaage (beaded chicken skin) – P100 Ribeye rice –P95 each (we ordered 4) They also have platters from P895-995 (ASSORTED YAKITORI – 21 STICKS) then you’ll just add rice…SUPER SULIT AND SARAP, the kids really love to eat here every time we are at ATC. For Sushi and Sashimi lovers, price ranges from P65 – 300 depending on choice (but we don’t eat kasi food that are not cooked, medyo di pa gusto ng mga bata. Kaya puro yakitori lang ma-share ko…Very affordable, service is sooo good and the food is really really good, just add mango shake or their best-seller strawberry mango shake which is less than P100 as well)


If you are craving for Yakitori, fulfill your needs at Nanbantei! Read what one of our writer’s had to say about this restaurant.

10. A Veneto Pizzeria

A Veneto Ristorante


“If you’re craving for Italian food, this is the cheapest I know and masarap yung food nila,” said Cathy. According to her, she tried the restaurant many times in Glorietta 3 and twice at MOA.
Serving is a lot…and madali ka talaga mabubusog. Sa fast food kc you can’t relax eh…masyadong crowded at maingay. If two persons lang kayo P500 is enough sa A Veneto kasi they sell per slice of pizza at 95 each then order 1 pasta na may take home ka pa. – Cathy Paglinawan, mom of 2.
More “Abot-Kaya restaurants on the next page.