Yabu: House Of Katsu – Deliriously Deeper Than Delicious!


 the place is packed, tables filled, taste buds itching.. time to start the show!




When in Manila and craving for some premium quality Japanese Katsu, there is really one name to remember – Yabu: House of Katsu

I’ve been reading and hearing so many raves about Yabu since it started operating a few months ago that I got really curious on why so many people are going gaga over these katsus! It seems they gave much priority to bloggers no wonder most of them have been promoting Yabu online. Hmmmm nice marketing strategy I may say but the big question is….. does it really deserve all these raves and approvals?  

Thankfully, a few weeks ago, I had the luxury of time to finally pay a visit and invited some friends over to join me on this special dinner at the highly acclaimed Yabu: House of Katsu!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their very friendly staff. Their restaurant manager Sir Mon gladly assisted us on our 1st Yabu experience. Although the venue itself  looked chic, it actually felt like we were in a fast food resto due to the huge amount of people all hanging out and simply having a good time. Yabu is always filled with loyal patrons even on weekdays!

The Ritual …

I’ve seen this on all the blogs I’ve read about Yabu so might was well show you how it’s done to prepare you when you visit them. All Yabu goers must know the proper way on how to prepare the sauce for maximum katsu eating pleasure. There’s a sort of ritual to this seed crushing sauce preparation thingy which we have to follow….

 1st, you gotta crush those sesame seeds with conviction until it releases its irresistibly fragrant aroma… oooohhh







 2nd: pour 2 full ladles of their special tonkatsu sauce

3rd:  mix well!




 4th: dip it real good!





While waiting for our main courses, we were also served with these  amazingly subtly seasoned fresh appetizers…. hands down!




 Wakame and Superior Potato and Egg Salad

The potato salad may look quite ordinary but wait til it lands on your taste buds! Boom!! Superior!




 The Wakame (seaweed) was very fresh and crunchy! I loved the texture!




Hiyayakko Tofu

premium silken tofu indeed 






 Let the feast begin!



Yabu‘s set meals come in huge servings so better come with empty tummies!




They offer sets that go with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit!



 Meet the STAR OF THE SHOW! The sought after much raved about KUROBOTA Pork aka the Black Berkshire Pig and simply the WORLD’s FINEST PORK due to its rich flavor and softness!  (515php for a 90g set meal)




 Yabu also has katsus using local high grade pork however, in my opinion, for the ultimate the Yabu experience, it’s a must to go for the Kurobota pork!




Yabu indeed has signature Katsus!

No wonder people are coming back for more!! 





The quality of ingredients as well as the meticulous preparation are just some of the secrets behind Yabu‘s success I believe!





talking about freshness, each Yabu set meal comes with unlimited ultra fresh crunchy cabbage  for added texture and to refresh your palettes a bit as you devour onto their deep fried katsus




 the cabbage goes perfectly with Yabu’s special dressing!




 Yabu‘s homemade Japanese curry is meticulously made with 45 choice ingredients and slow cooked to perfection making it richer and thicker than the usual Asian curries out there.  Yabu’s version of Japanese curry  slightly differs from what my mom used to prepare when I was a kid. Mom spent her college years in Tokyo so she knows a lot about Japanese cooking! Though Yabu‘s curry was also nice, I still prefer mom’s recipe =)




 Yabu also came up with their very own version of the traditional Katsudon. Instead of katsu on rice  topped with sauce and eggs, Yabu’s version comes with a drizzle of their light and sweet sauce along with some nori, bonito flakes and sunny-side-up egg on top. As compared to the traditional katsudon, this one is much dryer so you may further enjoy that Yabu katsu crunch!!





every Japanese feast I believe ain’t complete without Sake!! Kampai! 




 a very ideal drink while enjoying your meal!

For me it served more like an aperitif!





Now we go to the Ultimate Foodie’s  personal pick!!!!


If there is one thing I would rave the most about Yabu, I believe it would be their Seafood set 1!! I’m a big fan of seafood no wonder this one’s my bet!




Seafood Set 1 :  Black Tiger Prawn, Scallop, Cream Dory, Oyster and Squid! 

The Scallop katsu was wickedly good and had that melt-in-you-mouth feel that it felt like  I was  in a dream which I would never wanna wake up from! And I don’t really care if my previous sentence made sense! lols




deliriously delicious SAHHH-MONNNN (saliva now dripping….)




 The deeper than delicious Scallop Katsu! 

Will you marry me Scallop Katsu? I wanna be with you forever!




I believe Yabu: House of Katsu is ideal for special occasions. The prices of their meals are are well justified with the quality they provide yet still, having a 350php+ /meal daily isn’t really very practical so for working people like me, I’d have to save extra and reserve this for special dinners. Again, when dining at Yabu, go for the Kurobota pork and their seafood sets!!!! They’re worth every hard earned peso!



Yabu has got the formula right! Premium choice ingredients + meticulous preparation + sloooow cooking + a warm cozy ambiance + personalized service deluxe = a restaurant  which launches you to new gastronomical heights!




It was such a pleasure meeting their restaurant manager Sir Mon- a believer of fine quality customer service! He was so passionate and very proud while he talked about their menu. Got us very much convinced!  




So when in Manila, specifically around Ortigas Center, be sure to check out Mega Malls #1 restaurant  and join the Katsu Craze at Yabu: House of Katsu!


 Cheers to great food, great people and great service! Kampai!





YABU: House of Katsu

2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, 1552 Manila, Philippines
Contact No: +632 576-3900, 919-4453


Join them on Facebook: Yabu: House of Katsu






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Yabu: House Of Katsu – Deliriously Deeper Than Delicious!

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