Will You Go to an Unforgettable Adventure with a Complete Stranger?


It was November 18, 2014 when Wanderland Music and Arts Festival launched their Wanderland Community campaign wherein they gathered testimonials from different Wanderers (Wanderland attendees) regarding their unique experiences in the festival. 



And now, they came up with something more heart-warming – just in time before bidding good bye to the love month! Well, this is not some mushy post-Valentine’s proposal, it is an invite to join the Wanderland Community.

What would you do if you see someone in the middle of a busy commercial area holding a big sign that says “WOULD YOU GO TO ____ WITH ME?” The Karpos Multimedia team pulled off a surprise for someone who is up to their game of getting-to-know. Which what the Wanderland Community is all about, meeting new people. The challenge is, not knowing if there would be anyone who would be willing to step up and come forward to meet a complete stranger, let alone go to an unknown adventure. Watch the full video here: 



At the end of the day, their efforts were rewarded with an additional member to their ever growing community built of music, art, and adventure-loving people.  

If you want to be part of the Wanderland Community, just give yourselves the simple pleasure of attending Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. Have fun, enjoy the music, be awed by inspiring art exhibitions, and meet people from all walks of life.

To know more about wanderland, visit: www.wanderlandfestival.com
Official Facebook account: www.facebook.com/wanderlandfest

Wanderland Music & Arts Festival is made possible by: Karpos Multimedia and Presented by Globe.



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