Here’s Why You Should Consider Open Universities

If you are a working professional or live in a remote area where you cannot attend classroom lectures to pursue higher education, you might want to look into an open university. An open university uses distance education where students and teachers spend more time interacting through digital learning technology, like videoconferencing, message board forums, emails, and other online platforms. In fact, a lot of prominent Filipinos are graduates of open universities: Richard Gomez, Jejomar Binay, Miguel Zubiri, Sharon Cuneta… Here’s why you should look into it, too!

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You Own Your Time.

At open universities, students learn at their own pace; so you can decide when to read the course material and work on assignments for a particular module. Of course, there are still exams and project deadlines, so it’s important to maintain your study habits and manage your time effectively. Nonetheless, you will have the freedom to choose your learning environment. I go for cozy coffee shops and my favorite study nook at home. Plus, it will save you the hassle of traveling back and forth!

The Focus is On Independent Learning.

Students will work on their own most of the time, though some professors might require minimal group projects. Since open universities are often self-directed, they will boost your motivation and autonomy.

You Hone Your Communication Skills.

Lastly, open universities include a great deal of reading and writing, and they can improve your vocabulary and grammar tremendously. Since you will spend lots of time discussing on forums, emails, or essays where formal and effective writing is required; it’s a good place to hone your communication skills, which can be valuable in work and relationships.

It’s Still Fun.

From an adult’s perspective, ‘fun’ includes spending more time studying at home in sweatpants while drinking coffee from your favorite mug, listening to the ultimate jazz playlist, and cuddling with your dog. Well, here’s the good news: this is all possible, thanks to open universities.

Don’t make personal and work obligations a hindrance to continuous learning. Make use of available mediums that make it accessible, like distance education. Some notable schools in the country are: University of the Philippines Open University, AMA University Online Education, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Open University System , and University of Northern Philippines Open University. Check them out today!