Here’s Why You Should Study French at Alliance Française de Manille

I’ve been wanting to study different languages for quite some time now because I believe that learning about a country’s culture starts with learning their language. I have also always been curious what it feels like to be bilingual and I want to expand my knowledge by learning a few languages that are unfamiliar with me. 

I had already heard about Alliance Française de Manille before because my best friend studied French there, and I was so amazed by how fluent he became after taking their classes. He also encouraged me to study French, but I was quite hesitant to do so because I had this notion in my head that learning a European language is expensive. Fortunately, Alliance recently had an open house and I got a preview of why I should really start taking French classes… like, right now. 

Here’s Why You Should Study French at Alliance Française de Manille

Great Food After Classes

Alliance has a restaurant at the lobby called Le Coude Rouge where you can get sumptuous meals, wine, and beer after class. As a certified foodie who is always hungry, imagining dining here after learning French is all the motivation I need to go to class. 

A Cozy Library

I kid you not, they have one of the coziest and calming libraries I have ever seen. They also have a wide array of French books that you can read while sitting on a comfy bean bag. This school takes their books seriously. They also have a collection of French films and CDs that you can use to expand your knowledge.

A Career Boost to Study Abroad

Alliance’s partners help students enter different exchange programs in different universities in Canada, where you can study and build your future. Also, there are international companies all over the world willing to hire employees who can speak French fluently. They also offer French certification exams to validate your proficiency in the language. That’s an additional point for your resume!

Weekend Classes for Everyone

Yup, you read that right. They have schedules on Saturdays and Sundays, so you have no excuse not to learn and have fun. Time to maximize your weekend, folks! They also have after work schedules at 6PM onwards for those who work.

Fun, Fun Fun!!!

Okay, so I randomly signed up for their free trial classes and I basically went to their classroom without knowing anyone. I ended up laughing as I shared my experience with my family at home. I really enjoyed hanging out with Professor Lea! Though I only learned a few French introduction phrases and still can’t pronounce them properly, I spent a lot of time laughing and enjoying everything. Also, I love how bright, spacious and clean their classrooms are.

As I am typing this article, I am already thinking about my schedule for the next few months, so I can finally enroll in one of their Saturday classes. I’ve finally found the perfect language school for me, and I can’t wait to learn French (for real) soon! After learning French, I also plan to study Japanese since Japan is my dream country in Asia. Got any recommendations for a good Japanese Learning School? Hit me up!

Alliance Française de Manille

209 Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel-Air II, 1209 Makati



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