Why I’m Still on a Jinro Kristmas High

Article by Franchesca Nicole Collantes / Photos by Carlo Dinglasan

Even though the New Year is already here, attending the Jinro Kristmas event last December 16 at House Manila is still fresh on my mind since I was able to see my high school K-Pop Crush again, Shin Dongho of U-Kiss, also known as DJ Rushin’ Justin.

There were lots of activities at the pre-event, including getting Jinro tattoos, playing a game similar to 2Fuse, and writing messages on the Jinro Kristmas tree with a raffle for Rushin’ Justin after his set.

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The event started with jams by DJ Santi, who played timely mixed pop songs that made the crowd go wild while waiting for Rushin’ Justin.

After DJ Santi, DJ Sparky took over the stage. His opening act “All I Want for Christmas is You” fit his getup of a Santa Claus costume perfectly.

To feel the Kristmas vibe even more, a DJ performing with a Santa mascot proved to work as a gamechanger:

I enjoyed the Pop, Electronic and K-Pop songs from BTS, G-Dragon and 2NE1 as performed through DJ Sparky’s mixes. It kept the crowd pumped while enjoying the night away.

And finally, the waiting game was over (btw, I’ve been waiting to see him live since I was in high school!)! The entrance of Rushin’ Justin made the crowd ecstatic once more. I bet most of Rushin’ Justin fans have been fans of his since his U-Kiss days. The excitement was running through my veins at the time.

Rushin’ Justin started his act with his mix of “Turn Up The Frequency”; that really hyped up the crowd.

As Rushin’ Justin performed his act, the Santa Claus mascot for DJ Sparky’s set came back on stage (which was amazing!) and this time, he even had some Power Rangers to back him up as they roamed the stage with Rushin’ Justin.

The highlight of the event for me was when Rushin’ Justin’s set played the mixes of Rude, We Want To Party, Symphony and Titanium.

Another highlight for me would be when DJ Rushin’ Justin played their former song Man Man Ha Ni (Am I That Easy) in his set. It made me remember my K-Pop fangirl days when I was in high school.

It was great to feel the Christmas vibe through this event. What a great night! Hopefully Rushin’ Justin will come back to the Philippines soon.

This event was brought to us by HiteJinro, Comma Entertainment and House Manila.


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