Why I See Beauty in the Rain

There’s something about the rain that I love. I welcomed June with a joyful heart, stoked for the rainy days that it would bring. The summer heat was too much to bear and I feel like my soul was craving for gloomy weather to bring out my penchant for poetry.

I don’t have a good explanation as to why I love the rain; but just like books, it gives me inspiration to write and find myself. It is in the silent corners of my room where my body is tucked in between the thick sheets and my mind is wandering somewhere else that I feel most alive.

The pitter-patter of the raindrops as they hit the roof is so soft, I can sleep like a baby cradled in a mother’s arms. I feel one with the rain, invisible, so little, and my nightmares are washed away. In a jiffy, a flood of pleasant memories come rushing into my head.

raindrops on window

When we were kids, we happily bathed in the pouring rain. We felt so free – like we could conquer anything in that moment, even though we were so young. We were fascinated by the fleeting circles in ripples caused by the raindrops while we got lost in their transitions.

We jumped with joy as our feet touched the wet soil, danced with the trees that swayed with the breeze, and captured raindrops that fell from the gray skies.

The earthly scent after the rain sparked our yearning to take a walk outside the world that had been blessed with new beginnings.

rain outdoor

Thrilled by sweet endings, we peeked outside the window and marveled at the rainbow that wiped away the heaven’s sorrow.

rainbow in the sky

We saw the flowers that bloomed and came out braver than the storm. The trees that stood its ground even though it nearly tumbled down, and the clouds that felt lighter after the storm.

yellow flower

I realized how close we are with nature when fighting our own battles, but it also reminds us that life can be even more beautiful after the rain.

While I’m writing this, the rain poured once again. I am on the bus on my way home to our province. I wish I was just lying in bed, but it made my journey worthwhile anyway.

catching raindrops

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I trust the rain and feel safe in it even when I’m out of my comfort zone. The wind may be freezing, but my heart isn’t cold. I can’t help but smile while reliving those memories in my mind.


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