Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Authentic Chinese Hotpot

Do you love hotpot? Hotpots are pretty simple. Homemade broth is simmered on a portable burner and plates of meat, seafood, and vegetables are typically set around it for you to cook in the broth.

Jiang Nan 2

Photo from Jiang Nan

If you’re a true hotpot aficionado, you probably already know if the hotpot you’re eating is “good” or not; and if it’s authentic Chinese hotpot you’re looking for, one of the best places to go is Jiang Nan Shi Fu. Established in 2017, Jiang Nan Shi Fu was inspired by the town named Jiang Nan in China, known for its rich water resources offering hotpot dishes to symbolize the water town.

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Photo from Jiang Nan

Despite the many problems that Jiang Nan Shi Fu experienced during the pandemic, including the temporary 3-month closure of their restaurant, the permanent closure of their Pasay and Subic branches, and their need to lay off 90% of their workforce; they are now going strong and there are various reasons why you should visit them to get your fill of delicious authentic hotpot.

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Photo from Jiang Nan

For starters, since the owner is Chinese, Jiang Nan Shi Fu proudly showcases authentic Chinese cuisine right here in the Philippines. And despite being able to enjoy authentic Chinese fare; their offerings are affordable, too, so you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy their delicious food.

What really stands out for us, though, is their options. Whether you prefer your hotpot spicy or not, they have options for any palate. Being the ultimate lover of spicy food, we thoroughly enjoyed their authentic spicy broth. It had just the right amount of kick and was utterly flavorful.

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Photo from Jiang Nan

They also have a wide array of options for their vegetables and meats so there is definitely something for everyone. Even their dipping sauces are noteworthy! If you love hotpot, you’ll know just how important the dipping sauce is – and Jiang Nan Shi Fu does not disappoint. You’ll want to keep dipping your food into their sauces over and over because they’re just so good.

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Photo from Jiang Nan

While hotpot can definitely be enjoyed at home, it’s still a different experience eating out with your loved ones. It’s a very social meal, after all. If you’re worried about safety during the pandemic (like we all are), you’ll be happy to hear that Jiang Nan Shi Fu observes all of the health guidelines. They follow social distancing, their staff members are all fully vaccinated, and their indoor spaces are well-ventilated as well.

Jiang Nan Banawe

Photo from Jiang Nan

What’s more, their Banawe Branch offers hotpot and grill so you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one place! So if you’re looking for a delicious place to try authentic Chinese hotpot, make sure to visit Jiang Nan Shi Fu. We promise you won’t regret it!

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