WheninManila.com’s Top 5 Restaurants to Snap your #OOTD!

WheninManila.com’s Top 5 Restaurants to Snap your #OOTD!


This is MORE than just a food review!

When in Manila, we believe that finding a spot to shoot your #OOTD is just as important as your well-planned outfit (#priorities). Our team is just as obsessed with snapping our daily attires as the next person, and we’re constantly on the hunt for newer and cooler places to shoot them. If you’re on a similar venture, you’re in luck! We’ve found a collection of places that make for perfect #Instagrammable backdrops for your next #OOTD, and offer really great food to boot! Here’s our list of top 5 restaurants to snap your next “outfit of the day,” along with our favorite dishes to chow on from each of them.

WheninManila.com’s Top 5 Restaurants to Snap your #OOTD!

5. Pott’s Point Cafe at Eastwood City Mall


Apart from their Aussie brunch fare and exceptional coffee, we love how Pott’s Point Cafe is as unrelentingly cool as your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop discovery while being so easily accessible. Inspired by its Sydney suburb namesake, Pott’s Point is a local carbon copy of your standard Aussie cafe with its chalkboard menu, high ceilings, dark wood interiors, Delano coffee and organic dishes. Their wood-board shelves filled with quirky knick knacks and stacks of cookbooks also make for an ideally photogenic backdrop for OOTD’s or your coffee-sipping selfie.


And the food? Equally good. We can’t stop munching on their Three Cheese Fondue!


Like Pott’s Point Cafe on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/PottsPointCafe.

You can also read our feature on Pott’s here: Pott’s Point Cafe: Organic Food that Surpasses All Expectations

4. The Bowery at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio



The Bowery at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio aims to bring New York comfort food to Manila, and with it, a chic and cozy spot to gather. Created by the minds behind Borough, Nolita and L.E.S. Bagels, this upscale version of its counterparts feature comfy leather couches, brick walls, and ambient soft lighting reminiscent of the famed NYC area it was named after. And while the place may be a dim bar/lounge at night, its deep brown interiors look great in the daytime, with so much natural light coming in from the expansive windows.




Do stop by at lunchtime when the crowds are sparse, and try their Classic Mac and Cheese! With its rich mix of Yellow Cheddar, Gouda and Gruyere, it is practically one of the best and most decadent ones I’ve tried in Manila.



Like The Bowery on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bowery-NYC-Comfort-Food/

3. Stacy’s at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio 




Stacy’s is arguably one of the cutest, most photogenic restaurants in Manila, and it would be wrong not to include this dainty spot in our list! Stacy’s is actually part-owned by a food stylist, and her impeccable taste is evident in the cafe’s retro-pastel color scheme, the shabby-chic cupboards with a distressed-wood finish, gingham table cloths, and the cutesy trinkets that litter the place.




Despite Stacy’s saccharine interiors, do not be misled: Stacy’s isn’t a dessert place! They actually serve a variety of filling, “home-cooked” comfort food that are all reasonably priced. Must-try’s include their savory Angus Beef Tapa with creamy scrambled eggs, and their refreshingly tangy Asian Pomelo salad.


Like Stacy’s on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/stacys.resto

2. Sophie’s Mom at Tuscany, McKinley Hill


Running along a similar dainty-cutesy vein is Sophie’s Mom, an equally picturesque dessert shop that’s the perfect setting for your afternoon tea/after-lunch sweets. Sophie’s Mom’s claim to fame may have been their delectable Red Velvet cupcakes, but their über adorable store at Tuscany, McKinley has been getting a lot of attention, as well! The abundance of pastel pink and pretty framed photos make every corner photo-worthy, its interiors as sweet as the pastries and cupcakes they offer.




Sophie’s Mom was actually my first ever feature for WheninManila.com, back when it was just a hidden gem of a bakeshop in my neighborhood, and up to now, it never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.


Like Sophie’s Mom on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/sophiesmomonline

1. Brew Haus at The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill 



Brew Haus is our most recent discovery, a new bar and pub at accessible, but not annoyingly congested Venice Piazza at McKinley hill.



We’ve found that if the Fort gets too crowded/loud, Brew Haus would be a perfect go-to spot for chill drinks and GREAT grilled cheese!




They offer an assortment of grilled cheese sandwiches, each one cheesier and more inventive than the former. Their classic Grilled Cheese from Hell hits the spot just right, and make for a super satisfying food trip along with their extremely spicy Ghost Wings and Salisbury Steak with a side of mac n’ cheese!




But what really puts Brew Haus on our top OOTD list? An über cool vintage Volkswagen camper van right inside the restaurant!

Like Brew Haus on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/BrewHausPubEatery

There you have it, folks! Have any other cool and IG-worthy restaurants you think are worth checking out? Let us know! Til then, happy snapping! And when you do get to check out these awesome places, don’t forget to tag us (#wheninmanila) on your IG posts! 

Feature by Alessi Brugada at alessilikesit.tumblr.com

Photos by Lance Cha at https://www.facebook.com/lance.cha


WheninManila.com’s Top 5 Restaurants to Snap your #OOTD!


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