Pott’s Point Cafe: Organic Food that Surpasses All Expectations

Pott’s Point Cafe: Organic Food that Surpasses All Expectations


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Looking for a great place to hang out and eat delicious food in an al fresco setting? Want to try organic food, but are scared of what it might taste like? Dust off your worries and head out to Eastwood Mall’s newest cafe, Pott’s Point Cafe, which serves great organic food (and yes, you can eat as much as you want of it sans all the guilt). 


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Located at the Veranda of the mall, Pott’s Point Cafe offers quality healthy dishes of organic food. The ingredients in each of the items on their menu are purely organic. But surprise, surprise! If you’re afraid it may not taste so well, push your inhibitions away and try and judge their food for yourself!

Choose to your heart’s desire among their selection of great food for your health and your tastebuds. Trust us: you’ll be craving for more organic cuisine after the first bite!

 Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Organic Sausage and Bacon Pizza Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette (P275)


A new take on the beloved pizza! I loved the combination of the fresh greens, cherry tomatoes and meat. It’s light and refreshing, like salad but on a pizza crust. A good start to this food paradise that is Pott’s Point Cafe.  


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Grilled Three Cheese Toast with Creamy Organic Tomato Puree Dip (P230)


The crusty bread and the cheesy filling go so well together. Dip it in the tomato puree and you’ll surely be finishing everything off in a minute.


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Eggs Benedict (P385)


Rejoice, eggs benedict lovers! Pott’s Point also offers this heavenly ‘breakfast treat’. (Actually, you can eat this anytime of the day.) It’s so yummy, the taste will conquer your whole mouth for quite a while. Definitely one off those I’ll-come-back-for-this items on the menu.


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Roasted Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes and Goat Cheese with Creamy Organic Tomato Sauce Linguine (P275)


The mix of cherry tomatoes and tomato sauce does it. Plus, the goat cheese added an extra punch. Plus, it’s pasta. Come on. What’s not to love?


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan Shaves, Arugula and Fried Calamari (P285)


Proceed with caution: Do not eat this on the first date. This pasta dish is good, but it stains! Prepare yourself. Don’t judge it by its appearance, either. I dare you to try this amazing and unique pasta. If you’re in for some fun while eating, I’m sure you’re gonna have lots of laughs after every forkful of this. For more memorable moments, smile and click capture on your camera phone. Then, upload on Instagram.


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango Triffle with Light Vanilla Custard and Cookie Crumble (P185)


Make way for dessert! The blend of the fruits plus the creamy delight that meets in your mouth makes for a treat that’s delicious yet light.

Here are my top picks – the ones that will send you to organic heaven one spoonful at a time:


My Top Organic Food Picks at Pott’s Point Cafe


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Strawberry, Kiwi and Ricotta Cheese Crumpets with Organic Honey and Hot Chocolate (P220)


Perfect substitute to your morning pancakes. Spread all of the cream on top and drizzle the sauce generously. You’ll never want to skip morning meals again!


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Pan-Seared Salmon with Dill Butter, Beet Root Puree and Creamy Mashed Potato (P495)


I like fish so much, this dish automatically made it onto my list. Haha. This pan-seared salmon is really good! It melts in your mouth and the taste of the salmon is retained without being malansa. Thumbs up!


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Vietnamese-Style Organic Slow Roast Pork Belly with Nuoc Cham (dipping sauce) and Pineapple Fried Rice (P375)


Everyone’s digging for this! The meat is so tender, you can easily cut it with your fork. It also has that melt-in-your-mouth goodness – super tasty! It’s good on its own, but I liked it better when I paired it with the fried rice. I could eat this everyday.


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

Warm Caramel Walnut Pie with Tyme Vanilla Ice Cream (P210)


My sweet tooth greatly approves of this! Though the pie is kind of too sweet when eaten alone, the siding of cream is its saving grace. Better to have it together! 🙂


Pott's Point Cafe Organic Food

The Oozin Ozzie Chocolate Cake a la mode (P245)


It’s so rich, you’ll forget your name. Haha. Seriously. The cocoa taste is strong and while it’s not too sweet, this is a divine dessert! Also, the warm insides of the cake and the ice cream will put you in an instant food coma.

The good in this cafe, I think, is that their offerings, though organic, don’t taste ‘organic’ (if you know what I mean). The scrumptious, delicious taste of each plateful will bring you to a whole new dining experience level. Best experienced with the closest people in your heart. 🙂

It was a great afternoon of food tasting and food talk. As plates, utensils and glasses were taken away from the table, the endless stream of memories from this unique, organic food journey is one I know i just have to share to everyone. So, for your fix of organic cuisine, go to Eastwood Mall and hunt down Pott’s Point Cafe.

Pott’s Point Cafe

2nd floor, Veranda Eastwood Mall

(02) 426 1635




Pott’s Point Cafe: A Fill of Good-for-You Organic Cuisine


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