When in Manila’s The Bests in 2012 Awards

When in Manila, we had witnessed, discussed and talked about the most happenings in the Metro in 2012. To pay tribute to the people, brands and things that made 2012 an exciting year, we made the list of the best of the bests in 2012.


The awardees will not receive a trophy to display at their homes, nor a sash to wear during the parade, but only a space on our website, and a mark in our 2012 memories.


Now for the awards, *drumroll please..*


1. Athlete of the Year


The People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao‘s lost must be the talk of the world for a week – and who knows that aliens might also be crying for losing a bet. People became boxing critics and experts for a day, memes flooded our walls and Mommy Dionisia once again stole the spotlight.




What made him our Athlete of the Year is not the title, but the attitude and sportsmanship he showed even at times of failure. You will always be our People’s Champ Pacman!



2. Sound of the Year


We are no composers and lyricists to determine the best song with relaxing melody, tempo and what-nots. All we know is that we hear the song Gangnam Style in every radio station, TV station, events, and affairs.


Everyone dances to the beat of Gangnam style – Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres, Hugh Jackman and even United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and US President, Barack Obama.



Adapting the When in Manila mantra, Keep Calm and Gangnam Style..



3. Food of the Year


It seems like yesterday when Zagu was hailed the Food of the Year. Does anyone remember falling in line just to get a cup of pearl shakes? It felt like a De Javu 10 years ago when Go Nuts Donuts opened a store in The Fort. People lined up for two hours just to get a box of precious donuts.


What surprised us, it seems that the scene was re-enacted in every J.Co Donut Store! Ever since the store opened its first branch in the Philippines last March 2012, the cash register has not stopped ringing each sale! And more and more people lined up to get, not just a piece of donut, but boxes and dozens of those donuts in different glaze, sprinkle and colors.




We wish to send a When In Manila Awards Trophy in the J.Co Donuts store, but we are afraid we cannot get through the long lines.


4. The Place to Be of the Year


When I was younger, the place to be was “Cindy’s” – as the commercial said – Cindy’s is the place to be. I know, that was like centuries ago. Until coffee shops became a trend, and the place to be seen was Starbucks, especially if you are outside the al fresco, with a half empty Starbucks Frapuccino.


Last year, the place to be was not a physical place after all; but a place in the social media known as FourSquare. As long as you check in to different places (on a same day is a big accomplishment!), and get tagged by your friends, you embody the word “in and cool”.




By the way, you can add us up on FourSquare https://foursquare.com/wheninmanila


5. Movie of the Year


It would really be hard to pick just one from the great movies that 2012 has brought us – from super heroes, vampires, teen sweethearts and hobbits.


BUT if there is one film that would be awarded as Movie of the Year, it would be the Bourne Legacy.




Why pick it? Which film would you ever hear a crowd clap and scream at the mention of the word “Manila”? Which film would take you to different places in the world and side streets in the busy Manila? Only Bourne Legacy.


Now send our congratulations to the cast of Bourne Legacy and especially the hero of the film, Lou Veloso!


6. Book of the Year


There are just too many good reads available in the bookstores; but from tons of novels, stories and guides, we picked – Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?: At Iba Pang Technique Kung Paano Makaka-Move On sa Wasak na Puso, from our very own, Ramon Bautista.




Even if it was released on a later part of the year, it sure created a buzz among guys and gals. It needs no further explanation, as the author himself is already credible and a certified pogi.


7. Out of the Country Destination of the Year

Was it just me, or the same for your Facebook News Feed too? Every friends and family members were wearing winter clothes, and posing in the red-leaf trees. I can even feel the cold weather of Korea from where I was checking my feeds.


The beautiful Korea


Korea was the place to go to in 2012. Seoul is one the most commonly visited cities in South Korea.  I recommend to anyone who is planning a visit to search for deals on Seoul cheap hotels ahead of time because the hotel rates can get pretty pricey. Don’t be surprised though if you cannot find alot of Koreans in South Korea, as most of them are here in the Philippines! Yes, Koreans love Philippines, and Filipinos love Korea. It is a win-win situation. Stephen Covey would be happy.


8. Fashionable Accessory of the Year


It is not the bold necklaces, the chunky bracelets, the flowy skirts and the fab hairstyle – but Instagram!



Oh yeah, thank you to Instagram! No more bad photos. Everyone looked good in his/her outfit of the day – that the pic is worthy to be set as profile picture.


Although there was a little commotion when Instagram reported that they can “supposedly” sell users photo, Instagram is still the much loved application by Filipinos.


Now, can someone take a picture of me writing this article? I want to share it with my followers and use the hashtag #igers.


9. Villain of the Year


We are not looking at villains from the movies, but villains of real stories. We find it hard to select the best person to give this award and we don’t want to be a villain to anyone. We thought of Mirriam Defensor Santiago for the preach that she delivered during the CJ Corono trial; or Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao for the live appeal for Manny Pacquaio to retire.


If there is anyone who deserves the award, it would be Senator Tito Sotto. We love his portrayal as the great Kontrabida for the RH Bill – with scripts “allegedly” copied from a blogger and John F. Kennedy. He would give Angelica (of Marimar) a good run for her money. His works even made it in international news. Who would have thought a comedian could be a great villain?




Don’t get me wrong, I love the TVJ and their movie, Horsey Horsey, Tigidig Tigidig.



10. Site of the Year

If you are reading this article, you are at the right site! We don’t want to make the font bold, italics and underlined – but we believe www.wheninmanila.com is the site of the year – not because we are a community of over a hundred writers, and fun storytellers; but because of our avid followers (84,000 plus Facebook likers and 103,000 plus Twitter Followers!) and stories and newsmakers (like the ones featured above) that makes When in Manila a fun, engaging and exciting site that talks about anything and everything in and outside Manila.



When In Manila writers and story-tellers


Now, at the first day of 2013 – we are looking for more events to cover, news to talk about, stories to tell, experiences to share, and things to put on our lists!


Do you also have a list of your bests of 2012? Comment away and share your thoughts!



When in Manila’s Best of the Bests of 2012 Awards




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