Here’s What You Need to Try at Tipple and Slaw Katipunan!

The Pop Up, located between Katipunan and Xavierville, is a one-stop mall that includes sit-down restaurants, juice bars, clothing shops, and even a Korean grocery!

The biggest and most eye-catching one of them all is Tipple and Slaw. White, tall and imposing, they dominate the area with a restaurant space that spans two floors.

The moment you enter, Tipple and Slaw greets you with their eye-catching wall imbued with white, brown and black colors as neutrals, plus green as their accent.

The first floor is designed for comfort and dining, made simple and chic. It uses geometric shapes and a wide variety of textures with lightly-colored wood and marble dominating their tables and countertops. Brightly-colored flowers and green plants serve as accents to neutral tones, which blend together nature and modernity.

To get to the second floor, you take the metal stairs outside. Unlike the tranquil atmosphere below, this area is made for partying and having fun with friends.

Tipple and Slaw was established by four friends turned business partners: Janus and his brother Marlo Naval, Juano Gutierrez, and Chef Francis Lim. They originally planned to open a sandwich shop; but when they were offered a spot in BGC, a place known for drinking, the managing partners decided to go with the flow and create a bar as their first branch. And so, the sandwich concept was shelved… for now.

The BGC branch has been open for five years now, all the while catering to the happy-go-lucky crowd. With business there doing well, they were offered a second spot in The Pop Up, Katipunan.

Just like Tipple and Slaw in Taguig, themed events like Tuesday Game Nights will be happening on the second floor. For now, the owners are finalizing the themes, but Friday night has Riot, while Saturdays have Huddle— nightly events with DJs to play lit music.

Don’t be mistaken— the BGC branch and Katipunan branch are not one and the same. For one, the menu in Katipunan is made for sit-down meals, while the BGC one is more of snacks that pair well with drinks. The prices of these drinks are even different, with the Katipunan branch being more student-friendly. Even the alcohol choices are different with the BGC branch offering shots and stronger options (because apparently the Taguig folk can really drink a lot), while cocktails are the main leads here.

A Katipunan-exclusive drink is their Beermosa, which features San Mig Light as the base mixed with orange juice and salted caramel! It’s a crowd favorite because it blends sweet and citrusy flavors together with the well-bodied taste of beer. Other noteworthy drinks are their university-cocktails, all of which are priced at Php100 each.

We got to try the Archer’s Fizz for La Salle, Blue Eagle’s Passion for Ateneo, and Oblation Run for UP. These cocktails are easily identifiable by their colors, and their tastes are all distinct from one another.

The Archer’s Fizz is a simple blend of vodka, melon and cucumber, with the cucumber taste being distinct. It’s a refreshing drink that comes in a cute, neon green color! On the other hand, the Blue Eagle’s Passion is much like Blue Lagoon, with a mix of tequila, passionfruit and a sour mix. Taste-wise, it’s also refreshing, much like the taste of summer in a bright blue color.

The Oblation Run, my favorite out of the three, features gin, strawberry, apple juice and herbs. Blueberries float in the bright red drink that you can mash to emphasize the taste of berries. According to the bartender, the herbal taste can be attributed to Jaeger, the secret ingredient they add in.

Tipple and Slaw also features a wide variety of dishes, some of which are fusion in nature, but the unifying theme is that they’re all comfort food. All these were a product of trial and error, which took about a month to perfect. Being perfectionists, the owners didn’t stop experimenting and taste-testing until it passed their standards.

We got the chance to try out their bestsellers:

Green Curry Tahong

For this dish, they use imported mussels that they cook together with a creamy green curry sauce. Toasted bread is served alongside it, so that you can soak it in the delicious sauce before eating. Unlike the usual spicy curry sauces of Japan and Thailand, the green curry here is subtler and more flavorful, with a mild heat that even non-spicy eaters can handle!

Peeking Chicken

This salad takes inspiration from oriental flavors with a bed of greens topped with grilled chicken, peaches, toasted cashews, blue cheese and fried garlic crumbs. Sweet hoisin dressing is generously poured all over the salad to unify all of the flavors.

Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Between two pieces of sliced bread is a filling made with four cheese mixed with their homemade truffle paste. Honey with truffle shavings is served on the side, which you pour over it to give it a full-bodied sweetness that complements the earthy truffle flavors and the tangy taste of cheese.

Seafood Aglio Pasta

Shrimp oil and clam juice make up the sauce, while fresh seafood, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs accentuate the al dente pasta noodles for rich flavors of the sea.

Rib-eye steak

Perfect for meat-eaters, this dish features large, premium-grade Angus beef steak that’s grilled to perfection. Portions for this dish are big, making it perfect for sharing. Take a bite and you’ll get the rich, meaty flavors of the beef paired with an earthiness from the herb paste on top. It even comes with creamy, smooth mashed potatoes on the side!

Tipple and Slaw is the first of its kind to blend together the liveliness of a bar with chill dining, making it perfect for different crowds: students looking to party after finals week, families to enjoy a pleasant meal, or working adults who want to do both! No matter what the occasion, Tipple and Slaw opens its doors to anyone and everyone looking to unwind.

Tipple and Slaw Katipunan

The Pop Up Katipunan, Xavierville Corner Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City



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