What Was Your 2019 Plot Twist?

Words and graphics by Zoie Sy

2019 was one big year for all of us. New challenges were faced, new friendships were made, and new opportunities came knocking on our doors. Here, we asked 12 people what or who they considered as their plot twist for 2019 was and these were the responses!


12. Almost there!

Almost being a Dean’s lister. I say this as my plot twist because I was always lazy when I was in high school but recently I decided to put some effort in my studies and knowing that it’s paying off makes me want to do better next sem to finally be a Dean’s lister. – Justin

11. I guess good karma really is a thing!

Plot twist of 2019 is when I became a professor for college communication students. Never in my dream that I would become a professor (pasaway kasi ako nung college ako, haha! Ayaw ko ma-karma) ?

But it was teaching these bunch of #jugets. – Dyan Azares

10. Excel, then inspire.

I used to be so undecided of the future, but when I got into writing outside of acads, I figured that i can excel in it. In fact, my writings ended up helping and inspiring people. ❣️ – Marielle Balmores

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9. The plot twist didn’t end there…

Plot twist: Got a boyfriend out of nowhere after 7 years of being single and swearing I would remain single for the rest of my life. Major plot twist: We broke up 2 months later. ? – Tintin Manalang

8. Every fangirl’s dream

Plot twist 2019: A celebrity crush likes me back, we’re talking everyday since November. I guess Christmas came early ❤️ – Audry Mara Alcayaga

7. NBSB no more

Was NBSB then I got a bf. It’s an LDR kaya we were scared but rn it’s going great 9 months strong. – Claudette Artificio

6. The best Valentine’s Day

Definitely getting a flower out of nowhere before class started! I always gave out flowers to friends and it was during Valentine’s week. Didn’t expect too much since I never received a flower in my whole college stay so getting one from someone I knew well meant a lot to me. Bonus na lang that we went out on Feb 14 too, so I guess Valentine’s 2019 was the best one in a while ? – Karl Batungbacal



5. Job opportunities

Earlier this year I resigned to my first job due to underpay and overworking hours. Luckily, I was able to find a second job with good pay.

Plot twist: I voluntary resigned at my second job 3 months later due to the toxic behavior of my boss and constant overtime with no pay ? – Kath Macalino

4. Past self, look at me now!

I actually became a workout instructor this year! I was overweight and sedentary but I found joy in working out and eventually decided to monetize my passion for exercise. I still can’t believe it. My past self would be so surprised! – Jamille Dyanne Pajarillo


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3. ‘I’m still here.’

Last January 2019 my previous team leader told me that I’m a candidate for promotion. After 10 months, my new team leader told me a “good” news. He told me that I’m (still) a candidate for promotion.

My mom died 2 months ago.

Plot twist: I can still go on with the unfriendly stuff occurred in my 2019 but charaaan. I’m still here. – Mae Galing

2. The beauty of self-love.

Learning to accept who I am slowly— it’s a process. But I’ve been able to meet and bond with so many people that 2019 has had so many memories, good and bad! Grateful to learn self-love, and now sana that plot twist continues into 2020. – Alejandro Nicolas Mañalac

1. Life is a plot twist in and of itself.

Diverting from the usual connotation of a “plot twist” in the 21st century, in particular the younger generations, my 2019 plot twist happened every single day.

By definition, a plot twist is an unexpected turn in a story — in this case it’ll be in the context of the story of my own life. Living in itself is a story to tell, with everyone else surrounding me as characters with distinct personalities that gave my story more color and vibrancy.

My plot twists happened everyday, in the finest yet most beautiful details. Perhaps the sun was shining a bit brighter that day, or the rain didn’t pour as hard as forecasted.

My plot twists didn’t have to be big life turning events, nor did it have to be someone strolling into my life (although this did happened and I’m forever grateful for it). It was seen in the acts of kindness that friends and strangers went out of their way to do. It was the calm that music was able to give to me when all I could hear was noise.

Maybe society has over romanticized the idea of a plot twist, that individuals forget to look at the small events that add up. Capitalism doesn’t value the invicible, but sometimes these are worth way more than what is visible — the noticeable.

So in short, what was my plot twist? It was life. Life in its simplest and purest form. – Caitlin Chiang

2019 was one big ride, full of ups and downs; but hey, we made it! Here’s to a prosperous and amazing 2020.