What the Box: Get Whisked Off to Middle Earth with One of Their Previous Themes

The first film I can recall watching in a cinema, surrounded by the smell of popcorn and the enveloping darkness, was the second installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is what I consider my initiation into the black hole that is geekdom. Even though I could barely grasp what was happening on screen, I think a part of me could already tell that this story would be something that would come to occupy a huge part of my life.

I mean, nearly 15 years later, and just the opening notes of the score can make me emotional. There were literally months of my life where the movies would just be playing in the background at night, every night. The novels were my first venture into fantasy as a genre, as well, so you can just imagine my excitement when I found out that What The Box, a monthly mystery box subscription, had taken on the world of hobbits and elves and dwarves in one of their previous themes.

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Although it is already June and What the Box’s current theme is ‘Wonder Woman’ in time for the Amazonian Princess’ movie, I was still able to order a box on one of their previous themes: ‘Lord of the Rings’, their May 2017 theme.



I tore into the box as soon as it arrived! It felt like I was being delivered a surprise for myself — from myself. The beauty of What The Box is that even though you never know what you’re going to get, you can be sure that you’ll love it. Their specialty of customizing each box to fit your preferences is something that truly sets them apart and makes them a novelty. You’ll get what I mean if you take a look at what I got in the mail:

WTB 6The irony of my ASOIAF collection in the back isn’t lost on me; I couldn’t get my LOTR books into the frame.

WTB 2This is one of those magic mugs where the image only appears after a change in temperature – it really feeds into the feel of magic and fantasy!

The first thing that caught my eye as I lifted the top off the chest was this mug with a map of Middle Earth. I think this item is particularly serendipitous because I happen to have a collection of mugs that err on the side of geeky. I also love how bookish this item is – perfect for a cup of coffee (or better yet, tea!).


Picking this out of the box, I already knew this shirt from Missy MNL would become a fast favorite. (READ: Missy MNL: Cool Hoodies and Sweaters to Keep You Warm) I find that whenever I venture out into the world in a fandom shirt, I make the most unexpected of connections. I guess an unabashed admission of love in the form of a shirt is the easiest way to attract others of your kind (read: fellow geeks).

WTB 7The two necklaces were repurposed here for the sake of joining the collection
WTB 8Arwen’s Evenstar pendant alongside a miniature replica of Gimli’s axe  

The last things I unearthed from this (literal) treasure chest were two pendants that make obvious references to a couple of the best characters from the trilogy — and yes, I admit my bias in that statement. I found the two additions so clever – seemingly simple yet able to encapsulate and clearly represent Arwen and Gimli.


Personally, what I like best about What The Box is that it’s the perfect gift.

Whether for that friend who seems to have everything or even for yourself (#treatyoself). Since they also offer back boxes, you aren’t just limited to the theme of the current month. From their Disney box to their Harry Potter one, you have a wealth of choices at hand. And hey, keep an eye out for their Game of Thrones boxes, which are coming out soon!

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