What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!

Photos and words by Regina Bumatay (@reginaabumatay)

Of all the movies in the world, Disney films top the most untiring movies to watch. One can’t easily feel tired of watching a Disney film even after a hundred times—that’s how much people love Disney. It’s hard to let (it) go. One thing that’s also difficult to outgrow, especially for the ladies, is our adoration for Disney Princesses.

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I remember catching myself dreaming of Cinderella’s pretty face, the long and bright red hair of Ariel, and the toughness of Merida. I also remember throwing a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party when I turned 7! Have you outgrown your Disney Princess obsession? Well maybe you have have, but What the Box lets you relive those days, anyway.


What the Box is a monthly subscription box that allows you to geek over your childhood faves (or even now that you’re an adult!). The best part is it’s a mystery box, so you don’t know what you’re getting and each box sent is different and unique from one another which makes it personal and well…thrilling!

For this month, since everybody’s head over heels with the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, the theme is…you guessed it: Disney Princess! With the new theme, they let you be part of that world as they bring you memorabilia from different Disney princesses films.

Since Belle’s my favorite princess, Angeline and Julian (the ones who run WTB), prepared the box for how a real fan of Beauty and the Beast would ask for. With that, let’s get down to business and look at what the box has in store for me:

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!

No need to worry about preserving this beautiful (and uber cute) rose! This one is made of paper, so you don’t have to water it every day to make sure no petal would fall. It definitely marks what Beauty and the Beast really is.

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!Look at that pop of color

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!It doesn’t get more Beauty and the Beast with the rose and the book!

What else is marked Beauty and the Beast? The pieces of furniture in the film! Every character in that film just makes the romance of Belle and the prince/beast better. And who would forget Chip from the tea set? The character becomes immortal in this cute necklace. I guess I’ll have to wait for him to start talking!

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!It can double as a bookmark too!

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!

Included in the box is this pretty Belle key chain. She’s my all time fave princess because she has the prettiest face of all and the gentlest features. I know judging by the cover is rude (haha) but you can tell just by her face that her heart is pure. And seeing her holding my keys is cutes—just let that key chain have the power to stop me from misplacing my keys!

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!My keys would look fancy with this key chain!

Last but not the least, an animated Belle shirt! It may not be Belle’s gown but this shirt screams Beauty and the Beast. It has the most adorable print, and Belle looks chummy in this animation! Makes me think, how would Beast look like in animated form?

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!Shirt: inside the treasure box

And that’s a wrap! If you want your own box, you can hit them up and get your own thrill of for keeps memorabilia. Allow yourself to Be Their Guest as they surprise you with your all time favorite Disney princess!

What the Box