WATCH: Amazing Acapella Medley of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Songs

The students of Brigham Young University in Utah, USA are pretty darn talented!

In this well-staged performance, the BYU Vocal Point, an acapella group, show off their vocal and dance skills as they waltzed their way around their dreamy location in Beauty and the Beast style. And what is Beauty and the Beast without Belle aka Beauty? So they even have a Beauty acting as a centerpiece for it all.

The acapella performance is a medley of Beauty and the Beast’s best songs, and the video starts out with ‘Belle’, which is also the iconic opening number of the original film. Watch the video below, and see how BYU seamlessly transitions from one song and one step to another. It’s pretty amusing.

What do you think of this acapella medley? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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