Check Out These Priceless Illustrations of Disney Princesses Standing Up for Their Rights

Would Disney princesses be feminists? Would they stand up for their rights? In the mind of artist Amanda Allen Niday, they definitely would. She came up with artwork for various Disney princesses on what they might stand up for if they were around in this day and age, specifically during the Women’s March.

The best part about these illustrations is that women from all over the globe are sure to relate with at least one of them. Check them out yourself and see if any of them speak to you:

Women's Rights Ariel

Women's Rights 2

Women's Rights Aurora

Women's Rights Cinderella

Women's Rights Tiana

Women's Rights Jasmine

Women's Rights Pocahontas

Women's Rights Mulan

Can you relate to any of them? Which one of these illustrations is your favorite?

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