Missy MNL: Cool Hoodies and Sweaters to Keep You Warm

The weather has been extra cold lately and for those of us who don’t have a significant other to cuddle with during this proclaimed “cuddle weather” (#hugot), the only real option is to hide under the covers at home or wear hoodies and sweaters to keep us warm. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to wear hoodies and sweaters that are fashionable, look cool and represent my personality all at the same time.

So when I saw the options at Missy MNL, I knew I had to get my hands on a few of them.

missy mnl star wars stormtrooper sweater

Naturally, my first option was a Star Wars one!


Missy MNL is a store for free-spirited, creative and fashionable young people. They started in Instagram last year and have been actively joining bazaars as of late. Roselle Siojo, the owner, is quite passionate about her business and has therefore made it a point to provide something new to the market.

missy mnl totoro hoodie

What I love the most about Missy MNL is that their sweaters and hoodies all have original designs that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Plus, they have various theme options: Star Wars, Ghibli and classic literature.

missy mnl peter pan sweater

This Peter Pan design is one of the more popular ones at Missy MNL.

Generally speaking, Missy MNL’s hoodies and sweaters are super comfortable and they aren’t too thick – perfect for Manila weather. There are so many times when I’ve bought hoodies just to sweat in them a few minutes after putting them on because it can get cold in Manila, but not too cold. And sometimes, you just want to cover up after a workout session without feeling too hot. Their clothes are perfect for that. Plus, you’ll look good while lounging in them, too!

Of course, it won’t stay cold for long, though. As such, Missy MNL has recently introduced a line of cute pouchie shirts, too:

missy mnl shirts

The pockets may not be real, but seeing your favorite characters peeking out of the pockets is, once again, both fashionable and unique. Gotta love Missy MNL!

Regardless of what kind of weather we may be having in Manila, it’s a great go-to place to find shirts, sweaters and hoodies with your favorite characters on them. You can even try requesting some designs from Roselle. Who knows? She may come up with new designs for us all! 🙂

Missy MNL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missymnl

Instagram: @missy_mnl