What Sorcery Is This? Alchemy Bistro Bar in Makati Conjures Up Flavorful Food And Powerful Potions

What Sorcery Is This? Alchemy Bistro Bar in Makati Conjures Up Flavorful Food And Powerful Potions 

Alchemy is generally defined as the medieval science or magical power to transform something common into something precious, such as tin into silver or lead into gold. Alchemy Bistro Bar is setting out to transform a normal meal and night on the town into something special and sparkling. Can the latest addition to Makati’s food and nightlife scene deliver wizardly wonders with its cocktails and cookery? We put on our best Merlin hats, saddled our dragon and flew over to find out.

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (4)

Your list of must-try places for good food and a great night out just received a new entry, and it’s located in Durban Street, just off P Burgos Street in Makati. Only recently opened, Alchemy, with its slogan of “Food & Potions”, features a well-appointed bar and lounge, as well as an all-weather roof-deck area, and is open every day from 11:30am until late. The purple color scheme and design accents in the downstairs lounge are on the stylish side of quirky, while the impressive outside lights make it easy to find at night: From Makati Avenue turn right onto Jupiter Street, then first left onto Polaris and stop at the place that glows bright purple.  

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (5)Clockwise from top left: The Menu – The Lounge Bar – The Main Lounge – Signature Test Tube Shooters

The dinner menu, available from 5:30pm to 11:00pm, features a good range of dishes covering various tastes and cuisines without being too big or not defined enough. There’s something for almost every taste, from Risotto, over Spaghetti, to Fish and Chips, Burgers, Thai Curry, Pizzas and a couple of French classics.

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (6)Clockwise from top left: Chef’s Pate – Baked Oysters – Crème Brûlée – Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Next to this, Alchemy also offers an all-day menu that serves small plates such as Baked Oysters, Spicy Chicken Wings or Grilled Lamb Kofta. The already mentioned range of Pizzas can also make a magical appearance on your table throughout the day.

So the menu reads really well, but how does it taste? We’re happy to report: it tastes magical. We tried a good few of the dishes on offer and every single one was high in quality, beautiful in presentation and great in taste.

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (2)Slow-Braised Lamb Shank With Mediterranean Couscous, Sultanas, Pine Nuts, Mint and French Beans

The Pizzas, baked in a wood fired Italian pizza oven that proudly sits at the entrance to the building, easily put many other Italian flat breads served in the city to shame, while the Boeuf Bourguignon featured seriously sensational melt in your mouth Angus Beef. The Baked Oysters are definitely worth trying, while the Lamb Burger and Lamb Shank were both top class as well. Alchemy also serves one of the best pork chops I’ve ever come across, while a fantastic Crème Brûlée, made with proper vanilla and not too sweet, rounded off the waistline bursting proceedings for us on the day.

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (1)Lamb Burger with Australian Lam Patty, Lettuce, Grilled Onions, Goat Cheese and Tahini Yogurt Dressing

The kitchen wizards at Alchemy clearly put great emphasis on only adding fresh ingredients to their cauldron and the results truly show that. This isn’t “pub grub” cobbled together to go with your beer, but high quality food at prices that are actually quite reasonable for this part of town. The food quality, the solid drinks menu which includes signature Test Tube Shooters, and the whole concept with its downstairs lounge and upstairs roof deck bar and seating area all support Alchemy’s claim to a position at the upper end of the market, while the prices charged mean you won’t need a money multiplying potion to go there.

Alchemy-bistro-bar-makati (3)Broiled Pork Chop With Stewed Cabbage and Apple, Garlic Mashed Potato

Alchemy also features a busy schedule of events and special evenings throughout the week, ranging from Trivia Night on Monday, Ladies Night on Tuesday and Fashion Night on Thursday, to live music and DJs at the weekend. Happy Hour is every day from 4 pm to 9 pm, with many more events and special promotions being announced on the company’s Facebook page on a regular basis. 

Alchemy Bistro Bar

Corner Polaris Street and Durban Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati


Phone: (63)9175555641, (02)5007398


What Sorcery Is This? Alchemy Bistro Bar in Makati Conjures Up Flavorful Food And Powerful Potions