10 Female Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines: Filipina Style Ambassadors

Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

True to that statement, these fashion bloggers’ style speaks for themselves. But have you ever wondered what they had to say about their personal fashion style? These Filipina female fashion bloggers’ personal fashion personas have often been admired, discussed, deciphered, and written about many times before. Finally, hear about it straight from them as they talk about and describe their own personal style below!  

For entrepreneurs seeking to promote their brand, these fashion bloggers are the people to contact. They have a legion of fans and followers on social media. Their personal and relatable way of featuring products make for an effective way of promotion.

Aspiring fashionistas could also draw inspiration from these well-established fashion ambassadors. Those bitten by the travel bug may live vicariously through them—sometimes, the most beautiful scenic spots serve as backdrops for their OOTDs. 

If you’re the type of person who wants to maximize opportunities in pursuit of your passion, you could learn a thing or two from these fashion bloggers who have used the Internet and their passion for fashion to propel themselves into the Filipino style ambassadors they are today. 

So without further ado, here is our list of the 10 female fashion bloggers in the Philippines!  

Disclaimer: This list is only arranged according to the number of Instagram followers as of July 8, 2014. 


10 Female Fashion Bloggers from the Philippines: Filipino Style Ambassadors


10.) Lissa Kahayon 

“My personal style is versatile, unpredictable, and moody. I love experimenting while I’m still at age that allows me to do so.”

Starting off our list is a blogger who has a beautiful smile and the ultimate peg for many women’s fashion and fitspiration dreams! Lissa Kahayon brought fitness to a whole new level, even posting her workout videos on Instagram. With her dedication to fitness, it’s no wonder the clothes she wears look good on her. 


@lissakahayon has 30,873 followers on Instagram. 

Lissa Kahayon

Lissa Kahayon


9.) Vern Enciso and Verniece Enciso


Vern and Verniece are usually spotted together at big events around the metro, and who are we to split them up? Tied at number nine are the elegant Enciso sisters. Vern and Verniece show their readers how awesome it is to enjoy work and play, all with a sibling! Though they get invited to events together, feature similar items, and even share a blog, they have distinctly different styles.

Vern Enciso

“I can’t pinpoint a specific personal style but I love pieces that are structured and classic. I may play around with trends but the look must always look timeless.”

It’s fun to read Vern’s adventures because of how open she is to her readers. It feels like reading a story about a friend. She talks about relationships, style tips, her adventures and misadventures, her feelings for the day, and many more. She even asks her readers what to blog about next. 

@vernenciso has 45, 589 followers on Instagram. 

Vern Enciso



Verniece Enciso 

My personal style will always be girly, youthful and fresh.” 

Apart from her outfit inspiration, Verniece also writes about how-to’s in food and fashion. She even reviews movies and TV series that she is into. Verniece juggles work with being a student, so her back-to-school OOTDs and her posts about school and cherishing the vacation are especially relatable among students.

@verniecenciso has 65, 365 followers on Instagram.

Verniece Enciso

Verniece Enciso

8.) Patricia Prieto

“My style is sort of a bold yet laid back sort of thing. I like putting together feminine and polished items together with edgy pieces. I also like making sure that I buy things I can wear again and again with different outfits!”

Patricia Prieto’s blog and social media accounts are a constant feed of adventure, and interesting but wearable OOTDs. Of course, the clothes look extra good on her because of her modelesque figure.  During the recently concluded Entrepreneur Success Summit where Patricia was one of the panelists, she shared about how so much goes on behind the glamor of being a fashion blogger, like the sleepless nights answering emails, among many others. It was a reminder to all attendees about how hard work is absolutely essential, even in a seemingly glamorous industry such as fashion. From the talk and the Q&A portion, it was clear that Patricia Prieto is a woman of style and substance.


@patriciaprieto has 55,098 followers on Instagram. 

Patricia Prieto


7.) Nicole Andersson

 “I guess I would have to say that my personal style is very girly while being laid back. Definitely influenced by my years spent in California.”

“Actress turned International Marketing Graduate ~ Blogger, Host & World traveler hoping to one day advocate environmental awareness & education.

This is how Nicole described herself in her Twitter bio, and in a span of 20 words, you’ll see she’s so much more than a gorgeous fashion blogger. Nicole quit showbiz to study abroad, and now that she’s back in the Philippines again, she has been turning heads with her good looks and her style.


@nicole_andersson has 90,163 followers on Instagram




6.) Dani Barretto 

“My style is relatable to all my young readers. I want them to feel that fashion is all about expressing themselves and that they don’t have to be afraid to show it to people.” 

Dani Barretto comes from a famous family, but she refuses to settle for simply being acquainted with other famous relatives. She has made a name for herself through fashion blogging and has gained a number of followers in a relatively short amount of time! Dani juggles fashion blogging along with her responsibilities as a student. In one blog post, she shared how she commutes to school and therefore prefers non-fashown outfits and enjoys donning a pair of flats to school.


@danibarretto has 133, 351 on Instagram. 




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