10 Female Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines: Filipina Style Ambassadors

10 Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines 

5.) Tricia Gosingtian

“My personal style changes according to mood, but I’m good with even the simplest clothes as long as they’re comfortable and they make me feel good about myself.”

Tricia Gosingtian is perfect both in front and behind the camera. She has worked as photographer for various shoots in magazines, and has also been featured as a model and as a fashionista. Tricia took up Fine Arts and majored in Information Design, and aims “to spread more of her creativity throughout Asia and the rest of the world.” Though that sounds like a huge dream, Tricia seems to be the perfect girl to achieve that. After all, she is the first Filipino and the first person from Asia to make it to the Top 10 in the history of Lookbook.nu.  


@tgosingtian has 172, 553 Instagram. 



4.) Kim Jones

“I never really know what to say when describing my style but I do love to have fun and experiment, especially with colours and prints. I guess my style aesthetic is classic and polished. The women who I look up to in terms of style are very effortless but sophisticated. I love to be feminine at times choosing full skirts and floral prints and other times, I like to be a bit more masculine, keeping it clean and tailored.”

Kim Jones has achieved a lot of milestones since she moved to the Philippines in 2012. This month, she graces the Women’s Health. She has become a brand ambassador for a number of brands both local and international, and has been named “The New Girl” for Preview Magazine’s relaunch, and chosen as the Fashion Muse for the Suiteblanco High Summer Collection. Kim also co-hosts the show “Etcetera” on ETC. Her photos have an ethereal quality to them, and she has a distinctly deep way of writing.


@kimcamjones has 218, 388 followers on Instagram 



3.) Camille Co

“I don’t like getting boxed in or stereotyped–and that includes my style. This is why I try to be as versatile as possible, mixing things up every now and then while still maintaining a sophisticated flair in all of my looks.”

Camille Co has a mark of excellence that transcends to the many aspects of being a fashion blogger. You’ll see this quality of excellence when you check out her blog: the polished layout, the quality of her photos, and even the props she uses when taking photos of her OOTDs! Camille has been featured in many magazines and websites all over the world, and has worked with huge labels, both local and international. 


@itscamilleco has 262, 236 followers on Instagram.



2.) Kryz Uy

“It shifts every now and then with my mood and the weather, but overall, I like to keep it youthful yet sophisticated.”

Kyrz is naturally beautiful (an obvious understatement when you see her selfies and OOTDs!), but she’s definitely more than a pretty face. Kryz graduated with honors from Ateneo de Manila University. She also studied in Mod’Art International, Paris, and at the School of Fashion and the Arts, Manila. She also knows Basic French and ballet. 

Interestingly enough, she started her blog writing about “random things she thought would make people laugh.” And while her OOTDs are perfectly beautiful and polished, Kryz shares funny stories about her adventures that will make you like her even more. Kryz is the type of person you won’t get tired of following because she doesn’t only have a great sense of style; she also has a great sense of humor.


@kryzzzie has 280, 995 followers on Instagram 



1.) Laureen Uy

“My style is very experimental, but now that I’m getting a bit older (just a bit haha), I find my style edgy chic.”

Laureen Uy has almost half a million Instagram followers! And for a good reason. Her feed is full of creative shots of  travel destinations, OOTDs, food, and her everyday adventures. Aside from all the creative shots, Laureen allows you to see a funnier and more candid side of her, endearing her even more to her loyal fans and followers.

Despite her success, Laureen remains very approachable—both online and offline. Online, she interacts well with her followers. (She even reposts her followers’ artworks!) Offline, she is just as approachable and endearing. It’s hard to believe how relatable she is despite how successful she has become. And maybe, her humility could have contributed to her continuously growing success and fan base.


@laureenmuy has 496, 682 followers on Instagram. 



These ladies are recognized as fashion ambassadors. But the things we could learn from them extend way beyond fashion. 

Many of us have big dreams we keep on pushing to a later date. We plan meticulously, overthink, create endless back-up plans. Eventually, some get caught up with pressing concerns of the moment. This goes on, until we never take the first step in pursuing that big dream. 

But these bloggers wouldn’t be where they are now, had they stuck to dreaming and planning. Instead they started a blog, and were consistent with it.

Inspirational entrepreneur and photographer James Clear said, “If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.”

Much about life is trial and error,  so we should begin before we feel readyHow about you? What’s that big dream you have yet to pursue? A Chinese proverbs said, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Time to start your fashion blogging dreams! 

Who else do you think are amazing Filipino fashion bloggers to look out for? Let us know in the comments below!


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10 Filipino Fashion Bloggers from the Philippines: Filipina Style Ambassadors 

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