Wee Nam Kee: The Only Place Where You Can Catch The “Yellow Chicken Fever”!


Wee Nam Kee

Wee Nam Kee Branch @ The New Glorietta 2


When in Manila and you’re a certified ‘chicken fanatic’, drop by Wee Nam Kee and have a one of a kind chicken eating experience with its ‘Yellow Chicken Festival’. Considered as the ‘Wagyu’ or the ‘Kobe’ chickens, the yellow chicken is differentiated from the normal variety not only due to its look but also due to its premium taste. The taste of the chicken is said to be more juicy, flavorful and tender compared to its other chicken counterparts. As for its unique appearance, the yellowish skin is due to the chicken’s diet which primarily consists of corn.


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Some Shots of Wee Nam Kee’s Interior


The famed dish is making waves here in the Philippines only through Wee Nam Kee’s Yellow Chicken Festival. We recently dropped by Wee Nam Kee’s Glorietta 2 branch to experience its famous Yellow Chicken, as well as some of its other fine dishes.


Mr. Linfred Yap, the Managing Partner of Wee Nam Kee, told us that they recently introduced the Yellow Chicken to their menu after a number of requests from their customers. Imported from Malaysia, the Yellow Chicken is available in Wee Nam Kee’s Glorietta and Serendra branches for a limited time only. Upon being asked about the current sales for the Yellow Chicken, Mr. Yap said it was doing good. As of this writing, the sales of their Yellow Chicken amounts to around 35% of the chicken sales in Wee Nam Kee. Mr. Yap adds that he might consider making it as a regular part of the Wee Nam Kee menu in the future, if it would hit the 50% chicken sales mark by the end of the promo.



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The Function Rooms inside Wee Nam Kee


Afterwards, he gave us a small tour around the Glorietta 2 branch of Wee Nam Kee. I was enchanted by the light and cozy feel of the restaurant from its light colors and decorations. The New Glorietta 2 branch also features two function rooms, which can be combined to accommodate a capacity of 100 people.


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A nice view of the chicken and some of the beautiful decorations around Wee Nam Kee