Wee Nam Kee: The Only Place Where You Can Catch The “Yellow Chicken Fever”!

We got to sample a couple of Wee Nam Kee’s signature dishes before the ‘main event’ (the Yellow Chicken).


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The Chili Clams of Wee Nam Kee

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Fried Mantou: The ‘perfect partner’ for the Chili Clams

We tried a batch of Chili Clams and I’d have to say that it was delightful. The taste was the perfect blend of spicy and salty. To the suggestion of our host, we dipped our Fried Mantou on the Chili Clams and the result was awesome. Imagine that hot bread entering your mouth with the delectable sauce from the Chili Clams, it was a match made in heaven. However, for those who would like to ‘play it safe’, the Fried Mantou comes with its own siding of condensed milk which is also a nice combo for the bread. 


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Sambal Fried Rice (left) and the Chicken Soup (right)

The Sambal Fried Rice had a spicy kick to it. The rice went well with the rest of the food we sampled from the restaurant. The Chicken Soup, on the other hand, is given to every diner at Wee Nam Kee. The soup comes from the steamed chickens and is mixed with other spices.


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Marmite Pork Ribs

Wee Nam Kee’s Marmite Pork Ribs holds a special place for me since this was one of my favorite dishes here during my visit. Upon first bite, you could feel how tender and juicy the pork was. The sweet and sour sauce also did the trick as it added that flavorful punch your tongue would crave for.

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 Salted Duck Egg Prawns


The Salted Duck Egg Prawns was another noteworthy dish. The combination of the fried prawns and the duck egg was perfect as the taste was neither too salty nor bland.


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Wee Nam Kee’s Yellow Chicken Festival: Roasted Yellow Chicken and Steamed Yellow Chicken


Finally we shall talk about the Main Event of our Wee Nam Kee visit: the Yellow Chicken. We were given two types of Yellow Chicken to try out, roasted and steamed. The roasted yellow chicken had a crisp yet juicy skin that I found enjoyable to chew. The yellow meat of the roasted variety was very tender and you could feel the chicken juices oozing out as you chew on it. Each bite made you want to have more of the yellow chicken, as what happened to us.


Compared to the roasted chicken, the steamed yellow chicken’s skin was softer and lighter. The meat was still as juicy as the roasted variety and still made you want to eat it some more. The Yellow Chicken is best eaten with the trio of chili sauce, minced ginger and dark soy sauce. Add a little chicken rice on the side, and you have an awesome meal set up just for you.  On my next Wee Nam Kee visit, I’m pretty sure I’ll get myself some Yellow Chicken.



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