Wee Nam Kee: The Only Place Where You Can Catch The “Yellow Chicken Fever”!

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Mango Sago Pudding


Wee Nam Kee offers a unique line of desserts and we tried three of their best. Mr. Yap noted that these desserts have a Pinoy flavor or twist to them. The Mango Sago Pudding is one good example of such. The base is made up of panna cotta, and the tapioca occupies the middle portion. The mango sago is on top, and when you put it together, it makes an interesting yet delicious dessert.


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Warm Roti w/ Fried Bananas and Milk Tea Sauce


We also had the Warm Roti w/ Fried Bananas and Milk Tea Sauce. This was the first time I tried roti bread with something sweet, and it was worthwhile. This is a unique and tasty dessert if I do say so myself.  Try it, and you’d be pleasantly surprised.

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Three Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi


The Three Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi was the obvious favorite of ours and with good reason. These buchi balls contain some of the finest truffle chocolates you’d ever taste. The three balls correspond to their respective chocolates (white, dark, and milk) and are highly addictive. I found myself scraping the tasty chocolate off the plate as it oozed out of its buchi shell. If you’re a chocolate lover, Wee Nam Kee’s Chocolate Truffle Buchi is for you!

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The Drinks @ Wee Nam Kee

Wee Nam Kee also has some refreshing drinks to quench your thirst such as Fresh Barley Juice. They also have drinks such as Mango Mint Smoothie and Cucumber Lime Fizz that would help you combat the heat on a sunny afternoon.

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So, When in Manila, be sure to catch the Yellow Chicken Fever only at Wee Nam Kee! We’d like to personally thank Mr. Linfred Yap and Wee Nam Kee for welcoming us to their branch and have us sample the exquisite Yellow Chicken. And don’t forget, Wee Nam Kee’s Yellow Chicken Festival is only available in its Glorietta 2 and Serendra branches from May to June 30th. They come in 3 serving sizes: small (388 php), medium (768 php) and large (1,488 php). So what are you waiting for? Try it now, before it’s too late!

WIM Photos By: JoTan23

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WEE NAM KEE: Hainanese Chicken Rice


Address: G/F The New Glorietta 2, Palm Drive Ayala Center, Makati

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeeNamKeePH

Website: https://www.wnk.com.sg/


Wee Nam Kee: The Only Place Where You Can Catch The “Yellow Chicken Fever”!


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