We are Drooling Over These Deep Fried Doughnuts and Rolled Ice Cream!

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When was the last time you watched a movie? Try to remember what you ordered and ate while doing so. See, part of going to the cinema is the food trip it entails. Tasty movie food that would make us guilty-liciously happy! Eating food and going to the cinema are complementary experiences that the general public often does.

There are two new kiosks recently brought in town by the Caravan Food Group Inc. Introducing: OverDoughs and Elait! Whatever the movie genre you prefer, here are some reasons why you should try these.


They’re handy.

It is dark in the cinema, plus there is limited space to move around. Having snacks that have minimal usage of utensils is a must!

They’re small, and in bite-sized shapes.

From popcorn to chips, these snacks are recommended to be eaten in one sitting. One bite after the other. So if it’s bigger than the size of a siomai, never mind!


They’re filling and delicious.

Of course, the taste is a big factor in choosing the kind of snack that you’d like. Aside from the mood you are in, the flavor, consistency, and texture of the snack comes in the decision making process. Right?

Especially if you are pressed with time, budget or both, the snacks are of the right amount. It is proportioned well to last you the 3 hours of running time before you arrive at your dinner reservation.

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Remember back in the 90s and the early 2000s when we would buy deep-fried doughnuts with cinnamon sprinkles? Mr. Francis Carl Reyes, Caravan Food Group Inc’s Chief Operating Officer, shared that he grew up munching doughnuts from Lil Orbits, which then inspired him to start OverDoughs. Aside from the nostalgia, he further explained that they use the best, locally-sourced materials in OverDoughs. They even have their own commissary for quality control!

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The other kiosk is Elait, which offers artisanal rolled ice cream. Just like OverDoughs, ingredients are fresh, delicious and locally sourced. It is an ultimate experience, considering that you’re given a lot of do-it-yourself options for the toppings and syrups. What’s extra nice about Elait experience is that they hire people with different abilities. This means that they have servers who are Deaf (with a capital D. Note that they do not like being called“hearing-impaired.”) Here, part of the expereince of ordering your dessert is learning some basic Filipino Sign Language such as how to order water.

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Aside from deaf servers, Elait will give its customers wooden spoons to use in eating their desserts. Their advocacy has two parts: to hire more deaf servers, and to help the environment in lessening the plastic consumption.

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From the concept and advocacies down to the wonderful products of OverDoughs and Elait, may these two kiosks be an inspiration to future entrepreneurs. Societal impact does not just rely on dole-outs but being active entrepreneurs and consumers. On your next visit to the cinema, drop by OverDoughs and Elait and consider these part of your must-try and must-buy list!


Level 3, Century City Mall, Makati City


Level 2, Century City Mall, Makati City


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