WATCH: You’re Gonna Love this Sexy Spanish Acapella Cover of ‘Despacito’

We probably have enough covers of Despacito on the internet by now, but I’m gonna make an exception for this one because this is by far the best (personal opinion) I’ve seen so far. Probably because this one’s stripped down and turns away from usual pop take on the song.

So here’s Aula39, a four-piece cover band from Italy, comprised of Agostino, Manuel, Luca, and Giovanni. How stripped down is their version of Despacito? It’s acapella. And it’s a melodic masterpiece. It’s always refreshing to hear voices at their purest, when there’s no over-the-top pop beats and instruments to back (or in some cases, cover up) the vocals. Nothing but pure talent.

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Plus, extra points for nailing the Spanish lyrics from beginning to end—Justin Bieber, who features in the English remix of the song, can’t even sing the chorus when performing live.

Watch the cover here:

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