WATCH: We’re Loving this K-Pop Girl Group’s Acapella Cover of ‘Royals’

In this time of K-Pop domination, Korean pop bands, both boys and girls, keep popping up left and right. The Korean entertainment industry takes this business really seriously, with their groups going through grueling training before launch. This process assures the quality of the artists they put out, though. They are all exceptionally talented.

But amidst all the glitz and glam of the K-Pop industry, it’s still refreshing to see new and upcoming faces, especially when they present content that is quite different to what we usually see. Here is P.O.P., an upcoming girl group, whose video recently went viral when they uploaded a stripped down version of Lorde’s Royals. How stripped down? It’s acapella. With only bottles of orange juice as their instruments.

Minus the usual pop beats and smashing dance moves in K-Pop tracks, we appreciate this cover for returning to the basic of what music should always be about at the core—great vocals.

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