WATCH: Young Filipina YouTuber’s Itchy Worms x John Legend Mash-Up is Kind of Adorable

So many famous artists all around the world now have the interwebs (and the internet addicts who can’t get off them) to thank for their success. After all, it doesn’t take more than just one viral big hit to skyrocket them to fame. But, of course, talent has got a lot to do with that. People kind of love up-and-coming talents. They kind of live for that.

So here’s another talented findAngelica Feliciano is a young aspiring artist who has been posting videos of herself singing and playing music on her YouTube account. She particularly loves doing mash-ups and, well, we love watching them! One of her latest mash-ups has been making the rounds in social networks, and why not. It’s kind of adorable (pink fancy guitar, hello?). Watch her inventive mash-up of Itchy Worm’s Akin Ka Na Lang and John Legend’s All of Me here:

Angelica has clearly caught the attention of the public. She has been performing in events and occasionally doing TV appearances as can be seen on her Facebook (www.facebook.com/angelicafelliciano) updates. Awesome. We wish this young girl the best!


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