WATCH: What Daughters Have to Say to Their Mothers Who Criticize Their Own Bodies

Most mothers are guilty of criticizing their bodies, especially with society’s obsession with flat abs, big breasts, sexy butt, shapely legs and all the glorious images or stereotypes of a perfect body.

‘Real Simple’ publication released a video on their website and Facebook page that reminds mothers to think before they speak, because their daughters are paying attention. It cites, “Research shows that daughters of women who don’t like their bodies are more likely to be dissatisfied with their own”.

Moms, be careful what you say, your daughter is paying attention...

Moms, be careful what you say, your daughter is paying attention…

So think twice before you blurt out any of these statements: “I could never wear a dress without Spanx.” “My nose looks so ugly.” “I’m so bad! I ate a cupcake today.” “My diet starts tomorrow, for real this time.” “Nobody will ever like me.” or “I need to lose at least 20 lbs.”

Your statements might be sending the wrong signal to young girls. They might grow up with low self-esteem, start hating their own bodies, or place too much importance on physical appearance.

When asked, the daughters featured on the video had these things to say to their mothers: “You’re beautiful even if you don’t think you’re beautiful.” “They’re beautiful inside and out, it doesn’t matter what you look like.” “There’s no such thing as ugly or fat or anything like that. Everybody’s beautiful.”


Don’t be too hard on yourselves…

The video ended with this message: “Be kind to yourself. Your daughters are listening.”

Watch the full video here:

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