WATCH: Tori Spelling Confirms There Will be a ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Reboot

Reboots seem to be all the rage now, with shows like ‘Charmed‘ getting one (which I found personally unnecessary) and talks of ‘Gossip Girl’ possibly getting one, as well. Well, it seems that ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ is next on the list – and I’m not completely hating the idea. What with Luke Perry (who played Dylan in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ re-stealing our hearts in ‘Riverdale’, thoughts of another show with him really wouldn’t be the end of the world.

On ‘Access’, Tori Spelling herself (who played Donna in the show) confirmed it by saying, “It’s confirmed. We’re doing a new ‘90210’. The best part? Apparently, the OG crew will be back together for it! Watch her talk about it here:


Apparently, the show is set to start this 2019. Which ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ character was your favorite?