WATCH: Three Friends’ Epic Philippine Road Trip Aboard Their Campervan

Most of us dream of adventure, but what sets these three guys of The Philippine Roadtrip apart from the rest is that they are actually living the adventure. We first talked to them a few months ago, when they released this fantastic video of their travels in northern Philippines. You can watch that video here, alongside our short interview with one of the guys.

Paul Quiambao, Francis Sta. Romana and Alfie Agunoy call themselves The Baconeers, after their tradition of cooking bacon on mountains as a little celebration for reaching the summit. These three are not your average tourists. They will sleep wherever, whenever. They hardly ever pay for a hotel. They seek no luxury and no comfort. Only good old adventure.

Take a look at one of their recently released videos here, which tells the story of how they started.

The Road TestA year ago, we did a test run for a ‘roadtrip’ we are dreaming of. No itinerary, no sufficient tools and not enough planning. The idea was to experience the worst so we can prepare what is ahead of us. We ended up driving 500 kms to Quirino Province and spent 4 days at this unfamiliar territory. If we learn something from this adventure, it is that if you put your heart, mind and passion to the things you thirst for, it will happen and things will eventually fall into place.

Posted by The Philippine Roadtrip on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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